Friday, November 29, 2013

The Mind Readers Book 1 by Lori Brighton

 Moving.  They were always moving around.  Cameron and her grandmother never stayed in one place very long.  They had a particular gift that could not be made known to the world.  There were those who would exploit and use that gift for their own purposes, or worse, they would experiment on them.  They were mind readers.  They could hear people's innermost thoughts.  For Cameron, it was never really a pleasant experience because it showed you just how shallow people could really be.  Take her friend Emily for example.  She was flashy and seemed very superficial, but Cameron knew just how alone she really felt.  Emily never got near enough attention.  Her parents were never home.  But being able to hear people contemplating murdering their spouses or thinking about having an affair was quite a burden.  The burden became even worse when it involved someone actually committing a crime.  Cameron wasn't allowed to intervene.  If she did, questions could be asked and they could be found out.  If found out, they would be packing up again and it wasn't too long until graduation.  She didn't want to move again before then.
   Then one night a body washes up on shore where Cameron and a bunch of her friends are hanging out.  It was the body of a relatively new girl at school, but everyone knew who she was.  Poor Samantha.  Among the fray, Cameron here's the killer proclaiming his heinous deed.  The only problem?  There were so many people crowding around Cameron that she couldn't tell who exactly it was.  All she knew was that it didn't sound like any of the kids she knew.  With the body on shore also comes the new student at school.  A guy named Lewis shows up unexpectedly.  Cameron can't help but wonder if he was involved in the murder.  But this Lewis guys shows up with more secrets than Cameron can even imagine.

   This book is so full of surprises and twists and turns that you just can't get bored with it!  I loved reading it every inch of the way!  And the best part?  There are two other books in the series that I can't wait to read!  Why?  Because Cameron's fate is so very uncertain.  She develops feelings very quickly for Lewis and he seems interested in her as well.  But when he shows her that he uses his mind reading for good without having to walk away from situations and feel guilty, it starts to make her think about her life as it was and how she wished for a life like that.  But Lewis's life isn't necessarily as rosy as it seems either.  If she decides to leave her grandmother to see where Lewis lives, she doesn't know what she is getting into.  All she knows is that there are others like her.


*image via Lori Brighton

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance

   Ladies, if you are looking for a hot steamy read, you should definitely check out The Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set!  You get a whole bunch of novels for a great price!

Want the eccentric guy who is also on the run from the law?  Try Malcolm Ward in The Billionaire's Muse.

Want the rich, handsome guy inevitably attracted to the broke college girl?  That would be Gabriel Reynolds in The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop.

It's a versatile set and it only costs $2.99 for Kindle right now on Amazon!

Steamy level: Straight up 10 out of 10

Books included in the set:  

The Billionaire's Muse
The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop
Yes, Mr. Collins
My Rockstar Billionaire
Heidi and the Kaiser
Gloria's Secret
Make You Mine
Trapped into a Marriage 
The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire
What He Wants

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shadow Born by Nicole Camp

   Raffin was a half breed: half Raffulan and half human, living on Earth..  He had to hide himself from the outside world because he looked nothing like a human.  He had charcoal colored skin, dark hair, blood red eyes, and clawed fingers.  Although his father was Raffulan, they did not share the same traits.  The red eyes and the claws that extended, holding an infection within them, had only ever belonged to one other and that was Salcon.  He had turned evil and craved power.  But he had been destroyed long ago.  Unfortunately, Raffin had to struggle every day with wanting the life force of others.  That energy called to him and he could easily take it, killing the person he took it from.  Raffin also had to deal with nightmares every single night. They were dreams of war, torture, and murder.  Dreams seen through the eyes of Salcon himself.
   When Raffin started his last year of high school, he was also starting a new school.  Because of what he and his dad were, their family moved around a lot.  His mother wanted him to have more of a normal life and make friends.  It wasn't about the actual learning process.  Raffin was far ahead of everyone at school, including the teachers.  Most humans had no idea how many other worlds there were out there and that some of their inhabitants lived on Earth.
   And then there was Ari.  They both tumbled into each other on the running track at school and she had stuck to him like glue.  He just couldn't shake this girl.  And the more time they spent together, the less he really wanted to.  Turns out that Ari isn't really human either.  She is a half breed as well, but has never shown any signs of being anything other than human.  But one fateful day just the two of them hit the beach and end up marking each other as mates.  They were meant to be together.  The bad news?  Ari's less human side finally shows and she is a Nave, basically enemies of the Raffulan.  And not just any Nave, she is an heir to the throne on Navea.  As if it isn't bad enough that he wants her life force because she is the perfect source of energy to Raffin, he also finds out that his father is Salcon.
   Raffin, Ari, and their families take a necessary journey to Navea where circumstances force Raffin and Ari to complete their bond.  Their life forces now combined, Raffin can contain his want of Ari's energy.  But he has much bigger problems.  His biggest enemy is himself.  Raffin is battling within himself to not become his father.  With the help of Ari and her family, he is slowly beginning to realize that there is good within himself.  If he is going to be the man that Ari needs him to be, he must tame the black beast within.

   The hardest struggle most of us have is within ourselves.  The world around us could be burning down and it would still pale in comparison to the war within ourselves.  This was the world of Raffin Tys.  His actual father had been a mad man and he had been raised with the lie that the man who lived with him was his real father.  This man had loved him like a father, but even he never knew that Raffin was Salcon's son.  In fact, hardly anyone knew that Salcon even had a son.  With the nightly torture of watching Salcon killing and laying waste in his dreams, it made Raffin wonder just how bad he was going to become.  He never wanted to be like that.  But during the book Raffin is forced into a series of very uncomfortable circumstances that makes everyone around him confident that he will be a great (and good) man, but Raffin is still not very convinced.  If nothing else, he must become the man he needs to be for Ari and their future children.  Excellent book!  Can't wait to see what challenges are ahead for Raffin and Ari!

*image via Nicole Camp

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Score some books! Tara Elizabeth Giveaway

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Friday, November 15, 2013

Heir Untamed by Danielle Bourdon

   Chey Sinclair was all alone in the world.  She had no siblings and her parents had died in an accident several
months ago.  To make matters worse, she was behind on rent and if she couldn't pay it in the next two weeks, she was going to be kicked out of her apartment.  Chey had lost her job recently and was having trouble finding work.  She had been working with a photographer before everything fell apart.  But her luck was about to change when she met two men in suits who said they want her to come take some pictures for a very prestigious family.  Not just any family, but the royal family in Latvala.  It was on a whole other continent and she would be required to stay for four months to photograph the royal family, grounds, etc.  On the bright side?  She would be getting paid $35,000 for it!  Little did she know exactly what she was getting herself into...
   Once arriving in country, she starts to work immediately.  During her shoots though she only meets part of the royal family.  The crown prince was out of the country checking out a woman his mother wanted him to marry.  Chey meets the handsome Mattias and they become friends of a sort.  He is very attractive and has a commanding air about him.  He is second in line for the throne.  The women, on the other hand, seem to be snotty and entitled to say the least.  They treat Chey with no respect.
   While out riding on horseback on the grounds one day Chey meets a very ruggedly handsome stranger, Sander Fisk, head of security detail.  As annoying and irritating as Chey finds him at first, she also starts to enjoy his company.  They begin spending time together and he becomes a sort of protector for her when things start heating up in the castle and Chey is being threatened by someone within.  But nothing is ever as it seems, not even Sander Fisk.  Should Chey stay even though the danger is so very close?

"You're not the angels of death, are you?  Because that would really round out my day..."

   This book was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be.  It wasn't near as steamy as I thought, but not in a bad way!  It is a great story about a girl who is alone in the world, finding someone who she wants to be with regardless of how real the danger is.  It reminds me of one or two of Jane Austen's novels where there is a heroine, mystery, and a man that she inevitably falls in love with.  And you get all three in this book!  Chey is battling it out with the royals in a polite way so as to keep her job because she desperately needs the money.  Sander is an enigma, but one Chey definitely wants to spend time figuring out.  And even though she likes Mattias so much, she consciously makes the choice of who she really wants to be with.  The thing is that she makes that choice partially because Mattias is a royal and it would never happen between then.  The queen is basically looking for "brood mares" for her children so that they are insured heirs.  Let's just say Chey is not an ideal candidate.  There is a huge twist in the book that comes towards the very end that even I never saw coming!!

*image via Danielle Bourdon
*quote via Danielle Bourdon

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Love at Last Blog Tour

Danielle Bryan is ready to get back to her hometown of Mooresville North Carolina after college graduation, the place where she grew up and missed so much. It was the place she first fell in love but didn't know it until her true love returns home to settle his deceased fathers estate. When she sees him again he has her heart beating a little faster. A childhood friendship is rekindled with true romance and steamy nights, revealing a love that has always been there.

 Timmy and Danni grew up next door to each other.  They were best friends, always playing together and hanging out.  Timmy even asked Danni to marry him with a rock he found when they were little kids.  But as Danni got older, she started hanging out with more of the "cool" kids.  Timmy was not one of that crowd.  He was a nerd.  He liked to mess with metal and make robots out of it.  Eventually Danni started dating Jackson, an older guy who was on the football team.  He was one of the group that always picked on Timmy.  Although she witnessed this very often, Danni never stepped in to stop it.  It always hurt her to see him being picked on though.  Then when he was fourteen, Timmy moved away.

       Years later, Danni had graduated high school, broken up with Jackson, graduated college and had a few other relationships along the way.  Now she was moving back to her home town to be a counselor at the local school.  Just as she gets into town, who would also be back but her old friend Timmy!  And Timmy now goes by TJ.  Not only that, but he is no longer the gangly, awkward boy he used to be.  He has grown into one handsome, and somewhat sarcastic, man.  Danni can't help but look at him with longing.  His presence sends a spark into her heart that finally reawakens what has been there for so long, but never been fully realized.  Danni and TJ finally embark on a very intense and physical relationship that has its surprises!


   This is a very sweet love story.  But it has a lot of graphic content and is not suitable for children or young teens.  It is for mature audiences.  We basically get a fast forward version of Danni's life up until she leaves college.  We see that she struggles internally with Timmy being her friend and having to watch him being picked on at school.  Then there are those things in his home life going on that are not really revealed until much later in the book.  Timmy has a rather difficult life, but he weathers through it well.  Things don't get him down like they would a lot of people.  He is one smart guy.  Timmy ends up becoming TJ, the smart, hot, and rich guy.  Danni, although she had been rather superficial, has always had feelings for TJ.  She did well by getting through college.  But there was never anyone who she had really wanted to settle down with.  They were always missing something.  And it's because they weren't TJ.  Once they come together, they quickly profess their love to each other and things move fast!  This is a great shorter read and it really is a sweet story of how love can really last that long!

A solid 4 out of 5 stars!!


Jaclyn is a 29 year old stay at home mother to four wonderful children who keep her plenty busy. Being a mom to two year old twins, a four year old and a soon to be two year old keeps her on her toes. She started her journey to self publishing romance novels after being inspired by other great romance authors and have enjoyed every minute of it. When she is not writing or running around after children she likes to spend her time reading a good book and enjoying the quiet.

A sexy, sweet and fun romance

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Family Portrait Vol. 2: The Banovic Siblings by Gillian Felix

 Available December 3rd, 2013!!

  Adriana Banovic is back and she is ruling the school now!  The troublesome teen has now managed to take over Astrid's gang of girls that she was leader of before being expelled from school (because Adriana planted drugs in her locker).  And she has gotten under the handsome Haze's skin.  The only thing about that?  He has no idea she is a young teenager, several years younger than he is.
   Leighann DaCosta is having her share of troubles.  Her mother abruptly turns up and moves in with she and her sister, L'Wren.  At school, she is mooning over Zax Banovic, Adriana's brother, who happens to be head-over-heels for someone else.  No matter.  She is still trying to get with him.  He is fun to be around and Leighann just really likes the guy.  Unfortunately, no one is really sure that he knows how Leighann feels.
   Kevin Banovic is just about in over his head in this book.  Not only does he deal drugs, but he is enjoying the company of Savi DaCosta on a regular basis.  What he doesn't know? Savi was his mom's best friend back in the day.  And to make things even more complicated, he meets L'Wren, Savi's stepdaughter, and they have started hanging out a little.
   And then there is poor Zax Banovic.  The middle sibling in the family has a crush on a girl named Kristin.  But his notoriously womanizing friend, Frankie, asked her out, knowing that Zax really likes her.  Kristin says yes too.
   Just another wild day in the world of The Banovic Siblings!!

   Ahh more and more webs and lies.  It seem that the innocent Leighann has learned a few things since starting school with Adriana.  She has already started using blackmail on her to get close to Zax, who only thinks of her as a friend.  Even though she goes out on a date with Zax, she quickly sees who his real feelings are for and it is quite painful for Leighann's young heart.  Zax, is not only crazy about a girl who is dating one of his good friends, but is dealing with Frankie's messes as usual.  The guy has been totally messed up since his mom left.  And Zax is left cleaning things up.
   In a rare moment, we actually see Savi do something good for once, but it's only once.  The rest of the book she is her normal self, using who and what she may to get what she wants.  And right now she has her hooks in Kevin.  I would say poor Kevin, but he seems to be able to take care of himself in most ways.  In fact, he sees what L'Wren is going through with her boyfriend and takes things into his own hands.  Although you see a good side to Kevin, you also see a very dangerous side to him, and what he is capable of.
   As for Adriana, well she is her normal self!  Still content on not making friends while making more enemies left and right.  I expect that she will be seeing some trouble ahead whenever the next book comes out!

If you haven't checked out the first book, do so now!

*images via Gillian Felix

Monday, November 4, 2013

Switched (The Trylle Trilogy Book 1) by Amanda Hocking

Wendy was never a normal girl.  No matter how much she tried, she could never fit in anywhere she went.  She didn't even fit in with her own family.  She was a picky eater to a fault, she was obstinate and stubborn, and had been expelled from every school she ever went to.  Wendy felt like people naturally didn't like her.  After all, her own mother had tried to murder her on her sixth birthday.  Kim, her mom, was convinced she was a monster and not her child.  Wendy was supposed to be a boy.  Every ultrasound had said so, but when she came into the world, the family got a big surprise.
   After Wendy's sixth birthday, Kim went to a mental institution and Wendy went to stay with her Aunt Maggie and her brother, Matt.  Matt always tried to take care of her no matter what.  He had named her since Kim had refused.
   Everything changed when Finn came into Wendy's life.  He stared at her a lot at school and acted weird.  Finally one night he came to her window and snuck in the house.  He explained to Wendy that she had never fit in anywhere and was like she was because she wasn't human.  She was a troll, a Trylle to be exact.  The Trylle were one of a few clans of trolls that still existed.  They didn't look like the ugly, awful trolls we read about in story books.  They were quite beautiful and wealthy.  Much of their wealth came from the changelings, like Wendy. Trylle babies were brought to the human world and exchanged with human babies when they were born.  Many went to wealthy families so they could bring back money to the Trylle society when they returned.  Trackers like Finn were the ones to bring back the changelings.
   It all made perfect sense to Wendy why Kim had hated her so much.  It wasn't that she was a bad mother.  She had been a very good mother because she knew Wendy was never her child.  And now she was meant to go back to where she really belonged.  But it took the Vittra trying to take her away before she would leave with Finn.  The Vittra were a separate clan of trolls that had been warring with the Trylle for basically forever.
   Once she arrives in Forening, her new home, there are many surprises in store for her.  The biggest one?  Wendy is the princess!  And to top it off, her feelings for Finn (which have evolved into her falling for him) are forbidden.  He is far too beneath her status and if they were caught together they would be banished.  Wendy comes to understand that it's not just because of his status, but also because of his lack of power.  The elite in the society of Trylle had more/stronger powers than everyone else.  And to dilute these powers by being with someone far below one's rank was forbidden.  The powers must be preserved.
   What with all of this new information, trying to get a hold on her feelings for Finn, and the Vittra always making trouble, Wendy has her work cut out fer her.  And she doesn't even know if she wants to be a princess, let alone rule a country one day.  If she doesn't, the Vittra will end up taking over.

   I love this series!  It is a very interesting thing to watch a girl who never fit in anywhere, find where she belonged, and yet, still have a hard time fitting in.  Wendy is more of the modern mindset on many issues, unlike many of the higher ranking officials in Forening.  She doesn't want to be a princess or rule a kingdom one day.  She wants to be normal.  And she wants Finn.  However, Finn's sense of duty far outweighs anything else in his life, including his love for Wendy.  This, in turn, causes only more heartache for her.  And Wendy must choose which path she will take as well.

Don't forget to check out the next new exciting book in the series: Torn!!

*images via Amanda Hocking
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