Monday, November 4, 2013

Switched (The Trylle Trilogy Book 1) by Amanda Hocking

Wendy was never a normal girl.  No matter how much she tried, she could never fit in anywhere she went.  She didn't even fit in with her own family.  She was a picky eater to a fault, she was obstinate and stubborn, and had been expelled from every school she ever went to.  Wendy felt like people naturally didn't like her.  After all, her own mother had tried to murder her on her sixth birthday.  Kim, her mom, was convinced she was a monster and not her child.  Wendy was supposed to be a boy.  Every ultrasound had said so, but when she came into the world, the family got a big surprise.
   After Wendy's sixth birthday, Kim went to a mental institution and Wendy went to stay with her Aunt Maggie and her brother, Matt.  Matt always tried to take care of her no matter what.  He had named her since Kim had refused.
   Everything changed when Finn came into Wendy's life.  He stared at her a lot at school and acted weird.  Finally one night he came to her window and snuck in the house.  He explained to Wendy that she had never fit in anywhere and was like she was because she wasn't human.  She was a troll, a Trylle to be exact.  The Trylle were one of a few clans of trolls that still existed.  They didn't look like the ugly, awful trolls we read about in story books.  They were quite beautiful and wealthy.  Much of their wealth came from the changelings, like Wendy. Trylle babies were brought to the human world and exchanged with human babies when they were born.  Many went to wealthy families so they could bring back money to the Trylle society when they returned.  Trackers like Finn were the ones to bring back the changelings.
   It all made perfect sense to Wendy why Kim had hated her so much.  It wasn't that she was a bad mother.  She had been a very good mother because she knew Wendy was never her child.  And now she was meant to go back to where she really belonged.  But it took the Vittra trying to take her away before she would leave with Finn.  The Vittra were a separate clan of trolls that had been warring with the Trylle for basically forever.
   Once she arrives in Forening, her new home, there are many surprises in store for her.  The biggest one?  Wendy is the princess!  And to top it off, her feelings for Finn (which have evolved into her falling for him) are forbidden.  He is far too beneath her status and if they were caught together they would be banished.  Wendy comes to understand that it's not just because of his status, but also because of his lack of power.  The elite in the society of Trylle had more/stronger powers than everyone else.  And to dilute these powers by being with someone far below one's rank was forbidden.  The powers must be preserved.
   What with all of this new information, trying to get a hold on her feelings for Finn, and the Vittra always making trouble, Wendy has her work cut out fer her.  And she doesn't even know if she wants to be a princess, let alone rule a country one day.  If she doesn't, the Vittra will end up taking over.

   I love this series!  It is a very interesting thing to watch a girl who never fit in anywhere, find where she belonged, and yet, still have a hard time fitting in.  Wendy is more of the modern mindset on many issues, unlike many of the higher ranking officials in Forening.  She doesn't want to be a princess or rule a kingdom one day.  She wants to be normal.  And she wants Finn.  However, Finn's sense of duty far outweighs anything else in his life, including his love for Wendy.  This, in turn, causes only more heartache for her.  And Wendy must choose which path she will take as well.

Don't forget to check out the next new exciting book in the series: Torn!!

*images via Amanda Hocking

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