Sunday, November 10, 2013

Family Portrait Vol. 2: The Banovic Siblings by Gillian Felix

 Available December 3rd, 2013!!

  Adriana Banovic is back and she is ruling the school now!  The troublesome teen has now managed to take over Astrid's gang of girls that she was leader of before being expelled from school (because Adriana planted drugs in her locker).  And she has gotten under the handsome Haze's skin.  The only thing about that?  He has no idea she is a young teenager, several years younger than he is.
   Leighann DaCosta is having her share of troubles.  Her mother abruptly turns up and moves in with she and her sister, L'Wren.  At school, she is mooning over Zax Banovic, Adriana's brother, who happens to be head-over-heels for someone else.  No matter.  She is still trying to get with him.  He is fun to be around and Leighann just really likes the guy.  Unfortunately, no one is really sure that he knows how Leighann feels.
   Kevin Banovic is just about in over his head in this book.  Not only does he deal drugs, but he is enjoying the company of Savi DaCosta on a regular basis.  What he doesn't know? Savi was his mom's best friend back in the day.  And to make things even more complicated, he meets L'Wren, Savi's stepdaughter, and they have started hanging out a little.
   And then there is poor Zax Banovic.  The middle sibling in the family has a crush on a girl named Kristin.  But his notoriously womanizing friend, Frankie, asked her out, knowing that Zax really likes her.  Kristin says yes too.
   Just another wild day in the world of The Banovic Siblings!!

   Ahh more and more webs and lies.  It seem that the innocent Leighann has learned a few things since starting school with Adriana.  She has already started using blackmail on her to get close to Zax, who only thinks of her as a friend.  Even though she goes out on a date with Zax, she quickly sees who his real feelings are for and it is quite painful for Leighann's young heart.  Zax, is not only crazy about a girl who is dating one of his good friends, but is dealing with Frankie's messes as usual.  The guy has been totally messed up since his mom left.  And Zax is left cleaning things up.
   In a rare moment, we actually see Savi do something good for once, but it's only once.  The rest of the book she is her normal self, using who and what she may to get what she wants.  And right now she has her hooks in Kevin.  I would say poor Kevin, but he seems to be able to take care of himself in most ways.  In fact, he sees what L'Wren is going through with her boyfriend and takes things into his own hands.  Although you see a good side to Kevin, you also see a very dangerous side to him, and what he is capable of.
   As for Adriana, well she is her normal self!  Still content on not making friends while making more enemies left and right.  I expect that she will be seeing some trouble ahead whenever the next book comes out!

If you haven't checked out the first book, do so now!

*images via Gillian Felix

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