Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Love at Last Blog Tour

Danielle Bryan is ready to get back to her hometown of Mooresville North Carolina after college graduation, the place where she grew up and missed so much. It was the place she first fell in love but didn't know it until her true love returns home to settle his deceased fathers estate. When she sees him again he has her heart beating a little faster. A childhood friendship is rekindled with true romance and steamy nights, revealing a love that has always been there.

 Timmy and Danni grew up next door to each other.  They were best friends, always playing together and hanging out.  Timmy even asked Danni to marry him with a rock he found when they were little kids.  But as Danni got older, she started hanging out with more of the "cool" kids.  Timmy was not one of that crowd.  He was a nerd.  He liked to mess with metal and make robots out of it.  Eventually Danni started dating Jackson, an older guy who was on the football team.  He was one of the group that always picked on Timmy.  Although she witnessed this very often, Danni never stepped in to stop it.  It always hurt her to see him being picked on though.  Then when he was fourteen, Timmy moved away.

       Years later, Danni had graduated high school, broken up with Jackson, graduated college and had a few other relationships along the way.  Now she was moving back to her home town to be a counselor at the local school.  Just as she gets into town, who would also be back but her old friend Timmy!  And Timmy now goes by TJ.  Not only that, but he is no longer the gangly, awkward boy he used to be.  He has grown into one handsome, and somewhat sarcastic, man.  Danni can't help but look at him with longing.  His presence sends a spark into her heart that finally reawakens what has been there for so long, but never been fully realized.  Danni and TJ finally embark on a very intense and physical relationship that has its surprises!


   This is a very sweet love story.  But it has a lot of graphic content and is not suitable for children or young teens.  It is for mature audiences.  We basically get a fast forward version of Danni's life up until she leaves college.  We see that she struggles internally with Timmy being her friend and having to watch him being picked on at school.  Then there are those things in his home life going on that are not really revealed until much later in the book.  Timmy has a rather difficult life, but he weathers through it well.  Things don't get him down like they would a lot of people.  He is one smart guy.  Timmy ends up becoming TJ, the smart, hot, and rich guy.  Danni, although she had been rather superficial, has always had feelings for TJ.  She did well by getting through college.  But there was never anyone who she had really wanted to settle down with.  They were always missing something.  And it's because they weren't TJ.  Once they come together, they quickly profess their love to each other and things move fast!  This is a great shorter read and it really is a sweet story of how love can really last that long!

A solid 4 out of 5 stars!!


Jaclyn is a 29 year old stay at home mother to four wonderful children who keep her plenty busy. Being a mom to two year old twins, a four year old and a soon to be two year old keeps her on her toes. She started her journey to self publishing romance novels after being inspired by other great romance authors and have enjoyed every minute of it. When she is not writing or running around after children she likes to spend her time reading a good book and enjoying the quiet.

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