Friday, November 15, 2013

Heir Untamed by Danielle Bourdon

   Chey Sinclair was all alone in the world.  She had no siblings and her parents had died in an accident several
months ago.  To make matters worse, she was behind on rent and if she couldn't pay it in the next two weeks, she was going to be kicked out of her apartment.  Chey had lost her job recently and was having trouble finding work.  She had been working with a photographer before everything fell apart.  But her luck was about to change when she met two men in suits who said they want her to come take some pictures for a very prestigious family.  Not just any family, but the royal family in Latvala.  It was on a whole other continent and she would be required to stay for four months to photograph the royal family, grounds, etc.  On the bright side?  She would be getting paid $35,000 for it!  Little did she know exactly what she was getting herself into...
   Once arriving in country, she starts to work immediately.  During her shoots though she only meets part of the royal family.  The crown prince was out of the country checking out a woman his mother wanted him to marry.  Chey meets the handsome Mattias and they become friends of a sort.  He is very attractive and has a commanding air about him.  He is second in line for the throne.  The women, on the other hand, seem to be snotty and entitled to say the least.  They treat Chey with no respect.
   While out riding on horseback on the grounds one day Chey meets a very ruggedly handsome stranger, Sander Fisk, head of security detail.  As annoying and irritating as Chey finds him at first, she also starts to enjoy his company.  They begin spending time together and he becomes a sort of protector for her when things start heating up in the castle and Chey is being threatened by someone within.  But nothing is ever as it seems, not even Sander Fisk.  Should Chey stay even though the danger is so very close?

"You're not the angels of death, are you?  Because that would really round out my day..."

   This book was absolutely nothing like I expected it to be.  It wasn't near as steamy as I thought, but not in a bad way!  It is a great story about a girl who is alone in the world, finding someone who she wants to be with regardless of how real the danger is.  It reminds me of one or two of Jane Austen's novels where there is a heroine, mystery, and a man that she inevitably falls in love with.  And you get all three in this book!  Chey is battling it out with the royals in a polite way so as to keep her job because she desperately needs the money.  Sander is an enigma, but one Chey definitely wants to spend time figuring out.  And even though she likes Mattias so much, she consciously makes the choice of who she really wants to be with.  The thing is that she makes that choice partially because Mattias is a royal and it would never happen between then.  The queen is basically looking for "brood mares" for her children so that they are insured heirs.  Let's just say Chey is not an ideal candidate.  There is a huge twist in the book that comes towards the very end that even I never saw coming!!

*image via Danielle Bourdon
*quote via Danielle Bourdon

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