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Surprise Interview

Be looking for a "surprise" mini email interview on my blog!  

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Here's a tiny's an Indie Author...

The Ravening Series (Book 1 Ravenous and Book 2 Taken Over) by Erica Stevens

Was there anyone else like me?  Was I the only one?  And why was I still able to move while they couldn't?  What the hell had happened to them, would it happen to me?

   It was on this day that the world had changed for Bethany.  While she had been doing some shopping for her mother, everyone in town had suddenly frozen where they were.  Everyone except for her.  It was creepy, to say the least.  She felt like the eyes of the frozen were on her every move that she made, even though she knew better.  While getting out of the shop she runs into Cade, a former friend to her brother, Aiden.  They have a difficult time escaping town as they are being hunted by awful creatures: aliens.  They had came to Earth a year ago saying they wanted peace.  Bethany had never believed them and now she knew she was right not to.  Some of  the aliens "pets" were going through the streets clearing them of the bodies of the frozen and sucking the blood right out of them.
   Somehow Cade and Bethany escape back to her house to see if any of her family has not been frozen.  When she gets home, she finds her mother frozen, but not her sister, Abby.  As they are being attacked again, her brother Aiden and boyfriend, Bret, come to the rescue.  They all manage to escape into the forest with a girl from school, Jenna.
   Their lives are constantly in danger as they try to find a way to wake up those that are frozen, and realize that they cannot.  This small group of survivors fights tooth and nail to survive these monsters invading Earth.  And the real aliens have not been seen, that they know of.  They had only heard rumors of what they looked like.  And as if life is not hard enough for Bethany, she betrays Bret with Cade, who she had started having some very serious feelings and emotions about.  She felt very much like she belonged with him.
   In the end, they had to get off of the island of Manhattan and away from the beasts hunting them.  The only way was for them to scuba dive across the water and hope they were not seen.  These aliens could do terrible things to a person....and Cade gets taken...alive.

   Normally I don't do more than one book in one review, but the second was so good I decided to do them both.  I was hooked to the end.
   Book two begins with a very broken and hardened Bethany, trying to keep it together.  She cannot allow
herself to break down in front of anyone besides Cade, and he's gone.  But every time she sleeps, she dreams of him, longs for him.  No one around her understands the depths of her feelings for him.  As he was being taken, he had told her he loved her, and she loved him too, but had not had the time to tell him.  Now, she only wanted blood, and revenge.  But she still had hope that he just might be alive.
   Training keeps Bethany's mind off of the pain.  And Dr. Bishop, who thinks that her blood might have answers that no one else's might.  After all, she was the only one who's blood was not type O that had not been frozen.
   Now that Cade was gone, Bret was still hoping that at some point Bethany would come back to him.  He was a great guy, but Bethany just didn't love him that way.  She never had, no matter how hard she had tried.  Then there was Jenna, who, in the first book, had been at odds with Bethany.  But now they were beginning to become friends.
   The aliens have begun to really show the survivors what they can do, as they are trapped again and almost do not make it out alive.  Their bloodshed is relentless, and Bethany is wounded.  They were out on a mission to go to a hospital for supplies for the doctor, and out looking for Jenna's relatives at the same time, when they were attacked.  The aliens have adapted and could take on the form of humans, especially innocent children, to lure in the survivors.  The hospital is a disaster when they reach it.  They have to dig through blood, dirt and debris to find the things they need.  And Bethany has to see something that will haunt her for a long time to come.
   Out of the blue, Cade shows back up in the middle of the woods while Bethany is out alone.  She can't believe her eyes, but it's him, unharmed.  He won't talk to her about what happened when he was taken and she senses a darkness in him that she doesn't understand.  It's not until she is attacked by a straggler that joins the group, that she understands where the darkness is coming from.  The straggler was one of the aliens that no one had seen.  At least they thought they had never seen one, until Bethany finds out that Cade is one of them too.  Can she still love him, and forgive him for what he is about to tell her about her own self?

"Ever since the moment I saw you Bethany, I knew.  I'd never had emotions before then, never experienced feelings; my kind doesn't have those things.  It's not supposed to happen to us.  Ever.  I was supposed to be too young to have felt the hunger, The Calling, when we first met.  It wasn't supposed to happen for another ten years.  The Calling is what we call the desire we acquire to touch and taste a soul.  When it happens, we feel as if the soul is calling to us, beckoning us to feed from it, to savor it, and gain strength from what it has to offer."

"You made me this way Bethany, you created me.  You turned me into something that I was never supposed to be."

   Like I said, I was hooked on these two books!  You never know if the second book will be as good as the first one,  but this one was its equal, if not better.  So many things are explained in this book about Bethany and definitely about Cade.  Their relationship takes a right turn into the beyond when he reveals things about himself and things about her that she didn't even know (and definitely didn't want to hear).  After hating these monsters so very much for taking her mother and making her life hell, it turns out she has fallen in love with one.  How messed up is that?  Not only is that messed up, but these aliens traveling around destroying worlds sound a whole lot like vampires to me.  They are crazy fast, strong, and like blood.  It's like a new and different form of vampire.  And it makes things even more exciting!  I am wondering if there will be another book, because this is definitely not the end of the war for Earth.  It's true what they say:  It's never over until it's over.

"They've known all along humans would be their biggest fight." 

*images via Erica Stevens
*quotes via Erica Stevens

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Early Release

Jessica Sorensen's new book The Redemption of Callie and Kayden is being released early!  They are releasing it Tuesday, July 30th!  That's a week early!  Can't wait!

*image via Jessica Sorensen

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The Interview!!!-Tara Elizabeth

I recently got the privilege of having an email interview with Tara Elizabeth, author of Exalted and Zoo.  It was brief but we get to see a glimpse into the mind of this Indie Author!  See the interview below:

How long have you been writing?                                                            
- I dabbled a little when I was in school, but I began to write more seriously in 2010.

 When did you publish your first book?  

- I published my first book, EXALTED, in July 2012.

What was the deciding factor in becoming an Indie Author?

- LOL! Truthfully, rejection letters were the reason I became an Indie Author. After about three, I decided to do it all on my own. I’d seen that people like Amanda Hocking and Keary Taylor self-publish and become successful. I thought, why not me?  I’m enjoying where I’m at right now, and I’m so grateful to the people that support me.

 It is my understanding that you grew up in the south.  What (if any) impact has that had on your writing?

- Yes, growing up in Louisiana does have an impact on my writing. EXALTED is set across Texas and Louisiana, and Emma (from ZOO) is from Louisiana. The south is truly unique and I love it.

What was your inspiration for Exalted?

- The main character, Mena, inspired me. I imagined her before the story ever came about. She is so strong, both physically and mentally. I want to be more like her.

Is there any single thing (or person) that has been your biggest inspiration?

- My grandmother inspires me. She had a talent for writing and never pursued it. I hope I am making her proud.

What advice would you give to those wanting to become a published author?

- Just write. Get your story out. Then you can worry about all the other stuff.

                                       For more information check out Tara's website: 


             Be looking for Tara's new novel Denounced (Book 2 in the Exalted series)!  Coming soon!

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Interview with Tara Elizabeth


                                                         Coming Soon:

           a short email interview on my blog with Tara Elizabeth!!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Exalted by Tara Elizabeth

   Imagine a world you lived in where there are no emotions.  And everyone around you is like that.  No one smiles.  No one laughs.  The single most thought in your head being that you should be strong and defend The United Republic Of The Saved...

 This is the world of Mena.  Every day is the same.  Always training, always eating the same thing, sitting with the same people at lunch, and the single most dominating conversation piece always being The Republic.  But Mena knows no better.  She grew up in The Republic.  It has been her mindset since she was a small child.  She was an Exalted, a protector of The Republic.
   Long ago an apocalypse had happened, and the world was now a different place.  There had not been many survivors afterward, but those that did banded together.  They built a new colony.  And out of that rose those that were different than the rest.

    They were strong, fast, and fearless.  They were gods.

So it was that the Exalted, as they were called, were defenders of this new colony.  There were mere Citizens who needed the protection, as well as the Ambassadors. The Ambassadors were the ones in charge.  The strange thing was that the Citizens and the Ambassadors had emotions.  Mena starts to notice how their faces change, how they have tears that fall sometimes.  This is not a world she knows anything of, but she pays close attention.  Meanwhile, everyone is getting ready for the Trials.  The Exalted go through tests of strength and agility and are paired up to be United forever based upon their scores of these trials.  There is no falling in love.  It is purely to breed to have more like them.  The only problem is that although Mena doesn't feel love, she does not want to be paired with just anyone.  Her first choice would be her friend Ethan.
   Before the Trials begin, she meets an outsider by the name of Ryker.  He tells her that the purple pill they take every day, called the Pump, is causing her to have no emotions.  So she gets off of the Pump to see if he is right.  She wants to be stronger for the Trials.  She wants to be number one.  Sickness overtakes her for days.  Then she starts experiencing things like she never did.  And unfortunately that involves feelings for both Ethan and for Ryker, which confuses Mena because she has never been in love and doesn't really understand it.  And now that Mena knows what it feels like being off the Pump, things are changing for her, and she has decisions to make that she has never had in the past.  Choices.  A brand new concept..

   This book sucked me in!  It is a whole new concept to me reading, a novel about such a cult-like group of people.  They all have no idea what is really going on, and even though you don't see very much of that in this book, you get the feeling there is some really weird mess going on behind closed doors.  The Exalted are basically being controlled by the Pump and the Ambassadors.  Children go to live in dorms at the age of 5 and start taking the Pump.  Afterwards, all they want to do is be the best fighter and protect their Republic.  It is brainwashing 101.  This has gone on so long that no one blinks an eye when all of this stuff happens.  If someone dies in the Trials, which sometimes happens, they are deemed as having been weak and their name is no longer spoken.
   I, myself, cannot imagine a world without laughing, smiling, and love.  Even not having grief or anger would run a person mad if they knew it existed and knew what it felt like, but couldn't have it.  Perhaps that is why none of them care about these emotions.  They grew up just like this.  And everyone around them was the same way.  Crazy!  But a total cliff hanger at the end!  Can't wait for the next book! (which should be coming out pretty soon)


*image via Tara Elizabeth
*quote via Tara Elizabeth

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City of Fallen Angels (Book Four of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

  He could tell what they were thinking. "Vampire, Downworlder, enemy" was written all over their faces.

    It's the fourth book in this ever-lengthening series.  To be honest, the length of this series is already rivaling
The Twilight Saga.  But, amazingly, our attention is still held.  Instead of this book being all about Clary and Jace, it's more about Simon.  I like that fact that he is given the spotlight for a while.  After all, the guy deserves it.  He fell in love with his best friend, watched her fall into the most dangerous world imaginable, watched her heart break over Jace at various times throughout the series, then have his heart broken by her because she didn't and never would love him, became a vampire, became a Daylighter, and now has the Mark of Cain (which Clary put on him, to save his life).  The guy has been through hell and back and unfortunately in this book, he's back in hell, figuratively speaking.
   Simon is now dating Maia and Isabelle, but they don't know that.  He is trying to keep them from finding out about each other until he can figure out what to do.  At the same time he is dealing with being a vampire and the thirst for blood that it brings with it.  He is starting to feel very alone and the curse of the mark is hanging heavily on him.  The one time that he tries to explain to his mother what he is, she freaks out.  So he leaves his house and starts staying at Kyle's house, the newest band member.  Unbeknownst to Simon, Kyle is a werewolf, and Maia's ex.  In what seems like the worst night ever for Simon, he bites someone close to him, his two girlfriends find out about each other, and Maia meets Kyle again.
   The Mark of Cain was meant to be a curse to the original wearer, Cain.  Unfortunately, Simon is feeling the heavy burden of the curse as well.  No one can harm him without being killed.  And now that everything has gone crazy, his loneliness has no boundaries.  Everyone who knows of the mark he wears, wants Simon as an ally, but no one wants to be there for him.  They are all wrapped up in their own lives to notice the trouble he is having.

"You're a vampire.  It's in your nature to want to drink blood.  You've held out a long time without doing it.  I know you can walk in the sun, Simon, and so you pride yourself on being a normal human boy, but you're still what you are.  Just like I am.  The more you try to crush your true nature, the more it will control you.  Be what you are.  No one who really loves you will stop."

*image via Cassandra Clare
*quotes via Cassandra Clare

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Vampire Grave Site?

So here is an interesting story I found on The Weather Channel online, of all places.  What do you think of this "vampire graveyard"?

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The Rocker That Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning

 Just finished reading The Rocker That Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning.  I don't usually do my reviews like this, but it was not a very long book.  This book is more like the length of a novelette.  If you read pretty fast you can finish this book within a few hours of starting it.  It is a short, romance novel.  It's all about this girl named Ember (a.k.a. Em or Emmie) and these four guys who are around ten years older than her, giver or take a little.  Growing up, Em's mom had abused her a lot and the four guys that would look after her: Drake, Shane, Nik, and Jesse,  lived close to her.  She would run to one of their houses when her mother was done beating her.  They would clean her up, feed her, and try to keep her mom's attention off of her.  They were her saving grace.  When she was 15 her mother died of a drug overdose and the guys, who were now a signed band, took her in and continued to care for her.  They were a family together.  The only problem was that Em had fallen in love with one of them, but she tries to hide it so it won't break up their family.  Then she starts getting very sick.  When she is taken to the hospital by a friend, she finds out why she has been so sick, and nothing will be the same ever again.
   The book was very romantic, I will give it that.  The only thing was that I was immediately able to guess why she was sick after just reading what the book was about.  I guess that comes from experience.  And it was short.  This would be an even better book if lengthened out more.  A little explaining on the mysterious Axton and women in his life would have beefed it up a little and you would be able to understand some things more.  However, it is a great rocker romance novel.  If you are wanting something short sweet, and pretty steamy, then you should try The Rocker That Holds Me!  But be warned, because of the language and sexual content, it is not for young readers.

   All my life Nik and the others have taken care of me.  Even when they left me after getting signed ten years ago, they had still taken care of me.  Sending me money, and presents.  Making sure that someone checked on me every day.  They had been touring, doing all the things that rockers do, but they had still called me every day.  The cell they gave me was my life line to them.  I was able to call, text, email, or anything else I wanted or needed so that I could talk to them every day.
   Then when my mother had died they had come back, dropping everything as soon as I called....

They took me away from all the darkness of that trailer in the run down trailer park that we had all grown up in.

*image via Terri Anne Browning
*quotes via Terri Anne Browning

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Dirty Blood by Heather Hildenbrand

   Tara Godfrey was a teenager in high school with a chronic case of of cold chills and goosebumps that
came and went.  As much as she had complained to her mother about it while growing up, her mother's only reply would be that her family chilled easily.  And yes indeed it was a family affair.  Soon she would find out why she had these strange chills.
   One night Tara was at a pool hall with her boyfriend,George.  Tara had finally decided to end their relationship.  It had been coming for a long time anyway.  But she told him she would find her own way home and ended up being left without an option besides taking a bus.  While walking to the bus stop she is attacked.  A girl suddenly transforms into a huge wolf right in front of her!  If she had not seen it for herself, she wouldn't have believed it!
"No way. It was impossible.  People couldn't be...wolves.  That was a myth.  A way for Hollywood to cash in."
Somehow she survives the attack and kills the other girl, or wolf. Whatever.  During the whole episode she meets a handsome stranger, named Wes, who confirms what had just happened as being real.  She goes into shock and he temporarily wipes her memory.
   The next morning Tara wakes up to an aching body and no remembrance of the night before.  The only evidence besides her aches are a torn shirts and some scratches on her torso.
"The shirt was torn in several places, the silky fabric hanging by threads.  So I stared at it, an uneasy feeling washed over me.  A picture flashed in my mind: me, staring at my reflection in the bathroom mirror, hair disheveled and sticking out, the tattered shirt hanging off my shoulders and exposing my ribs on either side.  Bloody scratches showed through the tears in the fabric."
Wes suddenly shows up in the doorway to her room, somehow, to explain a little about the night before.  He ends up giving her memories back to her since she remembers nothing, but is puzzled about her since, to him, she seems like a Hunter, but yet different.  Wes is a Werewolf and Tara is some kind of Hunter.  A Werewolf killer.  And their world is very complicated.
   A Hunter kills Werewolves, or Weres for short.  There are many Weres out there that are not kind to humans and are killers themselves.  So Hunters are there to protect humans from them.  With their inhuman strength and skill, not to mention their gifts that some have, even a Hunter is almost no match for them.  Most Hunters are trained from a very young age, but Tara has been hidden away all of these years, oblivious to the war that has been raging between Hunters and Werewolves.  But there is hope yet.  A small faction called The Cause is trying to work towards peace between the two.  And it seems that Wes and Tara both will play an integral part of it.  But first she must dodge a hostile uncle, who helps reveal to her the true blood lines that run in her veins, and in the veins of Wes as well....dirty blood.  Oh and those chills?  Consider it a Hunter's warning:

"The feeling you have right now is something every Hunter feels when a Werewolf is nearby, so you aren't caught off guard."

   A different take on Werewolves, this story spins a little different tale than most.  Instead of vampires being the ones to war with the Weres, it's Hunters: protectors of the human race.  In this world vampires don't even exist.  Tara is a Hunter and doesn't even know it.  Her mother and father were beings she couldn't even begin to imagine existed, and she has been hidden away from that world.  Her father died long ago, and at the hands of a relative.  So her mother has been keeping her as safe as she knows how.  Because of her heritage, she would have always been in danger.  Now Tara must come to terms with who she is for her own sake.  Otherwise, her life could be forfeit, because Werewolves will keep coming for her.  To add to it all, she must choose a side; work with The Cause or not.  And try not to fall in love with what could be the enemy....oops....too late.
   Questions, questions, questions.  It's a good thing there are more books after this one, because I myself had numerous questions about just about everything.  Like why is a werewolf bite still deadly to Tara? (and you will find out why I say that)  Will she end up with Wes? And what about the cousin?   Those are just a few.  We shall see what answers lie ahead!

*images via Heather Hildenbrand
*quotes via Heather Hildenbrand

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Exalted (Stained Series Book 4) by Ella James

 "I've observed humanity for fifty thousand years.  For much of that time, you understood your place in the world.  Only in the last few centuries have you forgotten it."- Methuselah 

   The fourth and final book in the Stained Series starts off with a bang.  Cayne and Julia are separated.
They were betrayed by Edan to Nathan and his group of goons.  Cayne is subjected to a world of horrors as he finds out his true identity...he is the son of the devil himself.  He has the Celestial blood flowing through his veins, just like his father, The Adversary.  And The Adversary has big plans for Cayne.
   Julia has been taken back to Alexandria where The Three are residing in a pyramid that is way more archaic than their last residence.  Julia meets with Methuselah and figures out rather quickly that he is not the old man everyone thinks he is.  He's also a snake.  Although Julia is his descendant, Methuselah is just using her as a means to an end.  It could kill her in the process.  He tortures her, and Edan, as well.  Apparently putting more power into someone requires them being beaten down, literally.  But Methuselah has turned torture into an art form.  And he is willing to use it.
   Meanwhile, Nathan wrestles with the idea that perhaps The Three are not all that they seem to be.  He always thought they were just in their dealings until Julia and Cayne came into his life.  They rocked the boat and brought out the true colors of Methuselah.  And what was worse was the idea that he might actually be working with The Adversary.  As much as Nathan wants to deny it, he starts realizing the truth.  And now he must protect Meredith, Julia, and the others from the harm's way that he put them in.
   Edan, a Demon it turns out, is one of the most conflicted Demons ever.  As much as he likes the carnal pleasures of this world, and as much as he likes being a Demon, he also seems to have some kind of conscience.  Methuselah makes him whip Julia and it causes him a lot of pain and he feels the need to make up for it.  But on top of that, he is also being played by The Adversary.  Because of his demonhood, he must do The Adversary's bidding.  And because he continually bucks the system, he is demoted to a Shade for a while.  Being a Shade is unbearable to him and he agrees to play the part of the hero to bust Julia out of the pyramid.
   Once freed, Julia and her friends all trek to Hell to save Cayne from his own father, who is also torturing Cayne to put more power into him as well.  He and Julia have a part to play in the apocalypse to come.

      "What The Adversary wants, The Adversary gets, so long as he's made his home in this realm..."

   Well in the last book the conflict comes to an apex.  The Adversary does place the net around Heaven where no Authorities can come or go to Earth.  However, Demons and Nephilim abound and are wreaking havoc in Las Vegas where The Adversary is.  Even Cayne underestimated The Adversary.  Apparently he had planned this down to the last detail.  The only thing he didn't plan for was being stopped.  But Julia and Cayne and their friends are determined to save the world, no matter the cost.  And that cost is great indeed.  A dear friend is lost in the midst of it all, and the book leaves you wondering to the very last whether this is the end of the world.  If The Adversary will reign.  In the midst of it all, Julia and Cayne still love each other no matter what they find out about their pasts and their parents.  They desperately try to stay together and keep each other safe.  The whole group is driven by a duty to this world and to the next to rid the earth of The Adversary.  This question still remains: Will Cayne and Julia get the happily ever after they want so badly?

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City of Bones Diagram

Take a look at who's crushing on who in The City of Bones by Cassandra Clare!!  See my diagram below!


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