Friday, July 12, 2013

The Rocker That Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning

 Just finished reading The Rocker That Holds Me by Terri Anne Browning.  I don't usually do my reviews like this, but it was not a very long book.  This book is more like the length of a novelette.  If you read pretty fast you can finish this book within a few hours of starting it.  It is a short, romance novel.  It's all about this girl named Ember (a.k.a. Em or Emmie) and these four guys who are around ten years older than her, giver or take a little.  Growing up, Em's mom had abused her a lot and the four guys that would look after her: Drake, Shane, Nik, and Jesse,  lived close to her.  She would run to one of their houses when her mother was done beating her.  They would clean her up, feed her, and try to keep her mom's attention off of her.  They were her saving grace.  When she was 15 her mother died of a drug overdose and the guys, who were now a signed band, took her in and continued to care for her.  They were a family together.  The only problem was that Em had fallen in love with one of them, but she tries to hide it so it won't break up their family.  Then she starts getting very sick.  When she is taken to the hospital by a friend, she finds out why she has been so sick, and nothing will be the same ever again.
   The book was very romantic, I will give it that.  The only thing was that I was immediately able to guess why she was sick after just reading what the book was about.  I guess that comes from experience.  And it was short.  This would be an even better book if lengthened out more.  A little explaining on the mysterious Axton and women in his life would have beefed it up a little and you would be able to understand some things more.  However, it is a great rocker romance novel.  If you are wanting something short sweet, and pretty steamy, then you should try The Rocker That Holds Me!  But be warned, because of the language and sexual content, it is not for young readers.

   All my life Nik and the others have taken care of me.  Even when they left me after getting signed ten years ago, they had still taken care of me.  Sending me money, and presents.  Making sure that someone checked on me every day.  They had been touring, doing all the things that rockers do, but they had still called me every day.  The cell they gave me was my life line to them.  I was able to call, text, email, or anything else I wanted or needed so that I could talk to them every day.
   Then when my mother had died they had come back, dropping everything as soon as I called....

They took me away from all the darkness of that trailer in the run down trailer park that we had all grown up in.

*image via Terri Anne Browning
*quotes via Terri Anne Browning

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