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Review of Secondhand Purses by Elizabeth Butts

One Moment. 
Once careless moment that can shred your heart and start building walls brick by brick. 
It just takes one moment to change a person. 
Ten years ago, Alex was a cautious teen who didn’t make friends easily. Somehow, miraculously, she found a lifelong friend and mentor. Even more miraculously, she fell in love. 
Just when Alex’s world was finally turning into something she loved, her one moment happened. She went from sweet and vulnerable to snarky hard edges. 
Everyone has that friend. The one who will tell you what she thinks, even if you don’t want to hear it. The one that would throw herself in front of a train for you once you were ‘in’. The one that hides her pain behind her sarcasm. That friend is Alex. 
But when the center of her moment reenters her life suddenly, what is she supposed to do? Will her world implode on itself again? Will she end up in prison for murder? Or will things somehow end up like she’d always wanted? 

This book was quite different in ways than Singleish was. At the same time we have two stories about women wanting to change their lives. The first book was Ashley had basically stopped participating in her own life and her boyfriend walked out of the picture due to it. Sounds awful right? It really wasn't. In fact, it was really funny and humorous while getting the point across to take a chance and do something new. Secondhand Purses is about Alex and second and even third chances at life and relationships. While it didn't make me laugh as much, I enjoyed the read just as much and may have even shed a few tears. It's a heartfelt read that will leave you feeling pretty good at the end.

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Cover Reveal for Redemption and Regrets (Chastity Falls Book 4) by L.A. Cotton

Title: Redemption and Regrets ~ Chastity Falls Book 4

Author: L.A. Cotton

Genre: New Adult

Release Date: April 12, 2016



Four years ago, I had everything. All it took was the snap of his fingers and he ripped it out from under me. 

Betrayed, by my own father. 

His enemies want me dead and old allies want me back in their ranks to help take what's owed. And while I'm trying to figure out what I want, there's her. The one I watch from the shadows, afraid to bare myself to her - the real me. 

Hard. Cold. Deadly.

She should fear me - Braiden Donohue - but I'm not the only one keeping secrets, and I must discover what she's hiding. 

Before it's too late. 

Redemption will be afforded, regrets will be atoned. 

Welcome back to Chastity Falls. 




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Guest Post for Author Lindsey Winsemius!

The Glamorous Life of a Self-Published Author

When I published my first book, friends and family would ask excitedly what it is like to be an author.
Let me rip aside the veil and give you a clear view of my glamorous life as an author.
It’s exactly like my previous life as a part time marketer and stay at home mom. Just with less sleep.
Everyone asks how my book is selling.
It’s not.
Which is mostly my own fault, because I spend about zero time promoting it. I don’t submit it to reviewers, polish my press kit, or pimp it out online.
I have met several fabulous women who work tirelessly on behalf of authors like me, and it makes me attempt to focus more time and energy on my own materials and promoting, to deserve the efforts they make on my behalf. (Yes, I’m talking about you Natasha, Julie, Melissa, Stacey, Kelly, and Gaynor).
But my days are mostly spent doing laundry, dishes, chauffeuring, cooking, and working at my real life job of marketing for a software company.
I’m that mom with bags under her eyes, up at midnight with only the light of my computer eerily illuminating my living room as I attempt to accomplish something, anything, on my writing and book promoting.
I don’t even want to look at the clock, because I know 6 AM will arrive much too soon, and with it the demands of a daily life that includes only in the periphery my status as an “author”.
After my first book published, with absolutely no fanfare or preparation beyond editing and formatting the manuscript, then hitting publish on Amazon, I felt like Alice down the rabbit hole, stumbling around trying to figure out how to promote my book.
The world of book promotion, like any industry, has many nuances that involve quite a learning curve. I’m pretty sure I’m still at the bottom of the curve, but I’m working my way up. I am nowhere NEAR to being an expert.

The industry itself is one that is evolving so quickly, once an author has mastered a marketing technique, it has become passe. In a market that is over-saturated, and an audience that is used to tuning out the noise from beginner authors like myself, I must find readers. And not just readers, but fans.
I know my story has resounded hundreds if not thousands of times over for other emerging authors like myself. Like any small business owner or entrepreneur, it’s not glamorous. It is a lot of work. A lot of tears, self-doubts, tripping over hurdles and getting back up to try again.
But in the end, the journey is worth it. I love writing, I love connecting with other authors passionate about their work, and the readers, bloggers, and promoters who give tirelessly of their time to help indie authors succeed.
I might not be glamorous, but I am surely blessed. How many of you other authors can relate? And how many readers can say thanks to those authors who keep putting out books year after year with little reward other than your positive reviews and (if they’re lucky) 30% of their royalties after VAT (I’m still not even certain what that means).
What’s your glamorous story? I’d love to hear it!


Lindsey Winsemius is an author, marketer, and supermom surviving on coffee and wine on the West Michigan Lakeshore. She’s currently published two romance novels, and is working on her third which will be released in summer 2016, assuming her wine and coffee don’t run out. Learn more about her and books on her website: and find her Facebook Page: /lindseywinsemiusauthor

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Guest Post for Author Renee Lee Fisher

How did you think of that?

Countless times I have been approached and asked the question above.  Somewhere in my head is creativity that is bursting out.  When I write my thoughts to the computer it is jumping into a different world for a brief time.  The characters are always new to me and in the end they are my friends.  Don’t repeat this but they seem very real to me.  I want to share with you where my thoughts were in the books that I have already written.   So let’s begin.

The Heartbeat Series (Rock Notes/Love Notes/Music Notes and First Beat/First Bass and First Taste)
This Series I felt in my veins. Music filled my soul.  Being around musicians in my life I picked up on things they said or their mannerism.  I like writing lyrics as well and that part came through in the first three books of this series.  I wanted to share that even though my thoughts produces this series, while writing it I found my real brother who happened to be a lead vocalist of a metal band.  I won’t go into detail of our reunion except that it was very heartfelt and we are now very close.  I did have to take a step back when I first saw him in person because certain things about him reminded me of Max Rand my character and lead vocalist.  I looked on my brother’s wrist and there was a leather cuff like I pictured my character wearing. 
In this series I felt the bond of friendships as well.  Most of us have that go to person.  In the series there is THE WALL that embodies all the memorabilia from the band and those surrounding them.  I am a collector of items similar and I too have A WALL.  It is in my office with inspiration and book covers and often I find if I look deep and hard into the cover that is displayed before me that I am pulled further into my own storyline.

The Crossing Series (The Knot Hole, The Passage and The Muse) 
I was carried back in time in my head and thoughts for this storyline.  I wanted to find a way to travel back but still return to the present.  As I am quite the romantic I found that while I was leading a character in centuries past, I had her have the most memorable sexual and loving encounter that would be unforgettable even through centuries of time.  I have so often passed strangers on a street or an elevator… and taken a second look thinking I must know them from somewhere.  There was such an instant familiarity.  It could have in their eyes, smile or actions.  This series will take you on the journey I took in my head traveling to many places and returning with not a souvenir but a place in the characters heart that will never be replaced or forgotten.  You will never look at strangers in the same way when you think you may have known them or seen them someplace before.  The Crossing Series will have you believe so many souls are intertwined.  Love is endearing and timeless.
I began this series with thinking it would be an average read but somehow I got caught up in the adult fairytale myself and swept away with these characters and didn’t want to return back to real time any time soon.  You will travel a windfall of unbelievable events that keep unfolding for one fortunate lead female character.  Taryn will bring you into her world through the Knot Hole and bring your full circle to the past and future and hearts that never waiver even through an extended test of time.

When you look tracks you think of travel or destiny…I thought of fate.  This storyline brought out sweetness laced with suspense.  It has a sugary coated fa├žade with a darkness unfolding underneath.  I hadn’t planned on writing this particular story for another year or so but the cover took me in.  I kept glancing at it on MY WALL and the notes came to my paper very quickly.  The outline was written immediately.  This story poured from my fingers to the computer.  I never got derailed on this one.  Sometimes I jump into another work in progress but this one kept me driven.  I had originally planned the storyline for Cape May, NJ.  What I hadn’t planned was to find the perfect cover of a beach in Cape May that old train track from mines years back reappeared.  With the cover just as I envisioned and the characters developing in my mind I was ready to give the story.  There is a twist that you will not see coming.  It will stop you in your tracks momentarily.  I have heard this story leaves you craving sweet too.  Perhaps that came from me finishing off my York Peppermint Patties jar that was full when I started to write this and empty with wrappers at the end. 
This story I wanted fate to take over.  Sometimes we have to travel new paths and they may cross to where we are to arrive.  Derailed pulled me to a town to create a sweet suspense. At my computer I was not just typing keys but felt like my feet were digging into the sandy beach and the water washing over them.  I wanted to feel the characters pain and loss and also their heart beginning to feel once more. 

So you may ask me again one day, “How did you think of that?” and I may say I experienced it whether it was real or simply my imagination.  Also you never know when I meet you or pass you whether your will be a character in a future book or a mention. You will to stay tuned as I don’t know where my mind will lead me next.

Renee Lee Fisher Author

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Cover Reveal for A Real Bad Boy by Kaylee Song

~~~~~COVER REVEAL~~~~~

A Real Bad Boy by Kaylee Song

Not all soldiers are made to follow orders.

When it comes to Willow Ford I’d disobey them all.

After nine years overseas, all I want is my peace until I come face to face with my past. Her.

Willow will give me everything I need to heal. She’s running from a pain and heartache, but that won’t stop me from taking what is mine.

After I'm hired as a bodyguard for a billionaire, Willow's the one who needs protecting. I'm the only man who can solve an unsolvable murder, but righting that wrong puts everyone in danger. Including the woman I love… and our unborn child.

And I'll do anything to save what's mine--even if it gets bloody.

Nothing is more important to me than Willow and that baby.

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Cover Reveal for Jase by Geri Glenn


My life is far from perfect, but I’m ok with that.  I’ve worked hard to get to where I am.  I have a cute little house, a job that fulfills me, and a little boy that I love more than life itself.  I pride myself on being a strong, independent woman, and letting a man fix my problems for me just isn’t the way I work.

I had Jase pegged from the second I laid eyes on him.  The man’s a player and I have no intentions of being played.  Been there, done that.  I don’t care that he has a killer smile and an ass I could happily spend all day bouncing quarters off of.  His interest is kind of flattering in the beginning – and then it’s not.


People say I don’t take anything in life seriously.  They’re probably right.  I’ve seen the shit life can throw at you and I refuse to let it touch me.  I live free – I have fun.  People say I don’t respect women.  Well, they’re wrong about that.  I love women almost as much as they love me.  I love the way they smell, the way they taste, and I especially love they way they feel when I get them under me.

I’d met Ellen months ago, and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to get her out of my head.  She’s gorgeous, funny and has an incredible ass.  The only problem is that I’ve never had to work so hard to get a woman into my bed … but we’ll get there.  I’ll make sure of it.  She doesn’t know it yet, but my brand of playing is just what she needs. 


Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve taken care of everyone around me, including my self-centered older sister, Anna. When her poor choices make us targets of the Devil’s Rejects Motorcycle Club, I grab her and we run like hell. A new city, a new job, a new life. It’s almost perfect – and then I meet Ryker.

He’s gorgeous, rugged and too cocky for his own damned good. But he’s a biker – exactly the type of man I’ve been running from. I have no business getting involved with a man like him. Too bad I can’t get him out of my head.


As V.P. of the Kings of Korruption MC, I know all about violence and loss. In my world, getting involved with a woman never turns out well. Avoiding commitment isn’t something I have to work at – it’s just a way of life. Then I meet Charlotte. Drawn to her kindness and beauty, I know there’s no place for her in my world. I have to let her go.

Finding Charlotte battered and bloody late one night, I go against my own beliefs, making it my mission to protect her. The Devils are out for blood and it’s Charlotte’s they want. Maybe I can’t keep her but I will put my life on the line to keep her safe. If not, I face losing the only woman that’s ever made me feel alive.


Smile when you’re happy, cry when you’re sad and don’t ever be afraid to try something new. These are the words I live by. We only get one shot at this life, and I intend to live the best one I can. I had it all growing up. Popularity, beauty, great friends and a perfect family. But then one day, it all changed – now I’m blind. I’ve never let that stop me though. Life is an adventure and I believe in making the best out of every moment. 

I spend my days with a job I love, online friends and a sexy new book boyfriend every week. I know in my heart that someday, my own prince charming will come along and appreciate me for exactly who I am – I won’t settle for anything less. Meeting Tease seems like the beginning of my fairy tale … until he opens his mouth.


I don’t trust people – ever. Every single person I’ve ever loved has contributed, in one way or another, to the shit show that is my life. Keeping everyone I meet at arm’s length, I work hard at being the star of most people’s nightmares. People think I’m a monster and honestly – they’re right.

Laynie’s beauty is what caught my eye, but her personality is what held it. Laynie’s the only person to ever see past my appearance and break down the walls I’ve worked so hard to build. I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her. When things heat up with a rival club, and Laynie gets caught in the crossfire, I will unleash hell on earth to protect the woman who makes me want to trust someone again. When bullets start flying and bodies start piling up, keeping her safe may be the last thing I ever do.

Geri Glenn is the debut author of the Kings of Korruption MC Series. The first book, titled Ryker, is releasing on August 14, 2015, and can be read as a standalone. 

Geri has been an avid reader for as long as she can remember. She can usually be found curled up in a comfy chair, reading on her iPad both day and night. Geri is an incurable night owl, and it's not uncommon for her to still be awake, reading at 4 am, just because she can't put the book down!

Geri loves all genres of fiction, but her passion is anything romantic or terrifying; basically anything that can get her heart pumping. This passion has bled out onto her laptop, and became the Kings of Korruption. 

Writing this first book in the series knocked off the #1 thing on Geri's bucket list, and publishing it has been an absolute dream come true. She hopes you love the Kings as much as she does.

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Review of Singleish by Elizabeth Butts

I laughed so much while reading this book! I liked the fact that the way it was written was down to earth and pretty realistic to me. The playful banter, questions about her relationship, questioning her self, the bond she made with pets and more made Ashley seem very realistic to me. And it made for a very enjoyable read as well. I loved reading about the main character taking on challenges she wouldn't otherwise, and I loved how she took time to think about whether she really wanted to be with her guy in the end or not.  But most of all, I loved how Ashley learns to live without him whether he comes back or not in the end.  We don't need that special other person to make us who we are or to make us whole.  We are already that before we meet them.  And Ashley learns this the hard way through the ever prodding of her friends.  Now I have to say, I would have been very angry near the end of this book too if it were me instead of Ashley.  That being said, I am curious about her next book Second Hand Purses and will be sure to let you all know what I think about that one as well!

Ashley MacKillop has it all figured out. She has her boyfriend, a house, a good (if not exciting job). Everything is going according to plan, and everything is fitting into the nice, tidy, neat-freak boxes she’s created for herself. 

Until he walks away. Until he says he needs a break. Until he says he’s done. But he forgot to break up with her. Was she part of a couple anymore? Was she single? 

A red-wine fueled therapy session with her three closest friends has Ashley trying all sorts of things that force her to break out of her comfort zone and figure out who she is when there’s no man involved. 

In the end, what defines a woman? Is it the man she’s with? Is it the friends she keeps? Is it the copious amounts of red wine that she consumes? Or is it who she is when no one is watching? 

Will she decide she needs a man in her life? Will she even want him back if he were to come back?


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Release Blitz for the Chastity Falls Boxed Set by L.A. Cotton


Chastity Falls Box Set

L.A. Cotton


(coming soon)

Have you visited Chastity Falls yet?

Eighteen-year-old Savanah Parry just moved three thousand miles across state to escape. The memories…the whispers…the pain. 

 Chastity Falls Academy is supposed to be her fresh start; her salvation. And when Ana meets mysterious Jackson, she begins to think it is. She hasn’t smiled in almost sixteen months; not since the night her life changed forever, and despite her guilt…her loyalty, Ana can’t deny that Jackson is breathing life back into her. With Jackson by her side, Ana wants to believe she can heal and move on. But she isn’t the only one living a lie, and the small private Academy has secrets of its own. All is not what it seems, and Ana is about to find herself in a tangled web of lies; fighting for survival, again. 

Loyalties will be tested, lies will be told. 

Salvation will be earned, secrets will be unveiled. 

Tribulations will be overcome, truths will be revealed. 

 Welcome to Chastity Falls.


Coming Spring 2016

Redemption and Regrets (book #4)
*this is a standalone within the series


Contemporary Romance and Romantic Suspense...written with feeling.

L.A. is author of the Fate's Love Series and Chastity Falls Series. Home is a small town in the middle of England where she currently juggles being a full-time mum to two little people with writing. In her spare time (and when she's not camped out in front of the laptop) you'll most likely find L.A. immersed in a book, escaping the chaos that is life. 



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