Thursday, January 28, 2016

Guest Post for Author Renee Lee Fisher

How did you think of that?

Countless times I have been approached and asked the question above.  Somewhere in my head is creativity that is bursting out.  When I write my thoughts to the computer it is jumping into a different world for a brief time.  The characters are always new to me and in the end they are my friends.  Don’t repeat this but they seem very real to me.  I want to share with you where my thoughts were in the books that I have already written.   So let’s begin.

The Heartbeat Series (Rock Notes/Love Notes/Music Notes and First Beat/First Bass and First Taste)
This Series I felt in my veins. Music filled my soul.  Being around musicians in my life I picked up on things they said or their mannerism.  I like writing lyrics as well and that part came through in the first three books of this series.  I wanted to share that even though my thoughts produces this series, while writing it I found my real brother who happened to be a lead vocalist of a metal band.  I won’t go into detail of our reunion except that it was very heartfelt and we are now very close.  I did have to take a step back when I first saw him in person because certain things about him reminded me of Max Rand my character and lead vocalist.  I looked on my brother’s wrist and there was a leather cuff like I pictured my character wearing. 
In this series I felt the bond of friendships as well.  Most of us have that go to person.  In the series there is THE WALL that embodies all the memorabilia from the band and those surrounding them.  I am a collector of items similar and I too have A WALL.  It is in my office with inspiration and book covers and often I find if I look deep and hard into the cover that is displayed before me that I am pulled further into my own storyline.

The Crossing Series (The Knot Hole, The Passage and The Muse) 
I was carried back in time in my head and thoughts for this storyline.  I wanted to find a way to travel back but still return to the present.  As I am quite the romantic I found that while I was leading a character in centuries past, I had her have the most memorable sexual and loving encounter that would be unforgettable even through centuries of time.  I have so often passed strangers on a street or an elevator… and taken a second look thinking I must know them from somewhere.  There was such an instant familiarity.  It could have in their eyes, smile or actions.  This series will take you on the journey I took in my head traveling to many places and returning with not a souvenir but a place in the characters heart that will never be replaced or forgotten.  You will never look at strangers in the same way when you think you may have known them or seen them someplace before.  The Crossing Series will have you believe so many souls are intertwined.  Love is endearing and timeless.
I began this series with thinking it would be an average read but somehow I got caught up in the adult fairytale myself and swept away with these characters and didn’t want to return back to real time any time soon.  You will travel a windfall of unbelievable events that keep unfolding for one fortunate lead female character.  Taryn will bring you into her world through the Knot Hole and bring your full circle to the past and future and hearts that never waiver even through an extended test of time.

When you look tracks you think of travel or destiny…I thought of fate.  This storyline brought out sweetness laced with suspense.  It has a sugary coated fa├žade with a darkness unfolding underneath.  I hadn’t planned on writing this particular story for another year or so but the cover took me in.  I kept glancing at it on MY WALL and the notes came to my paper very quickly.  The outline was written immediately.  This story poured from my fingers to the computer.  I never got derailed on this one.  Sometimes I jump into another work in progress but this one kept me driven.  I had originally planned the storyline for Cape May, NJ.  What I hadn’t planned was to find the perfect cover of a beach in Cape May that old train track from mines years back reappeared.  With the cover just as I envisioned and the characters developing in my mind I was ready to give the story.  There is a twist that you will not see coming.  It will stop you in your tracks momentarily.  I have heard this story leaves you craving sweet too.  Perhaps that came from me finishing off my York Peppermint Patties jar that was full when I started to write this and empty with wrappers at the end. 
This story I wanted fate to take over.  Sometimes we have to travel new paths and they may cross to where we are to arrive.  Derailed pulled me to a town to create a sweet suspense. At my computer I was not just typing keys but felt like my feet were digging into the sandy beach and the water washing over them.  I wanted to feel the characters pain and loss and also their heart beginning to feel once more. 

So you may ask me again one day, “How did you think of that?” and I may say I experienced it whether it was real or simply my imagination.  Also you never know when I meet you or pass you whether your will be a character in a future book or a mention. You will to stay tuned as I don’t know where my mind will lead me next.

Renee Lee Fisher Author

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