Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Review of Singleish by Elizabeth Butts

I laughed so much while reading this book! I liked the fact that the way it was written was down to earth and pretty realistic to me. The playful banter, questions about her relationship, questioning her self, the bond she made with pets and more made Ashley seem very realistic to me. And it made for a very enjoyable read as well. I loved reading about the main character taking on challenges she wouldn't otherwise, and I loved how she took time to think about whether she really wanted to be with her guy in the end or not.  But most of all, I loved how Ashley learns to live without him whether he comes back or not in the end.  We don't need that special other person to make us who we are or to make us whole.  We are already that before we meet them.  And Ashley learns this the hard way through the ever prodding of her friends.  Now I have to say, I would have been very angry near the end of this book too if it were me instead of Ashley.  That being said, I am curious about her next book Second Hand Purses and will be sure to let you all know what I think about that one as well!

Ashley MacKillop has it all figured out. She has her boyfriend, a house, a good (if not exciting job). Everything is going according to plan, and everything is fitting into the nice, tidy, neat-freak boxes she’s created for herself. 

Until he walks away. Until he says he needs a break. Until he says he’s done. But he forgot to break up with her. Was she part of a couple anymore? Was she single? 

A red-wine fueled therapy session with her three closest friends has Ashley trying all sorts of things that force her to break out of her comfort zone and figure out who she is when there’s no man involved. 

In the end, what defines a woman? Is it the man she’s with? Is it the friends she keeps? Is it the copious amounts of red wine that she consumes? Or is it who she is when no one is watching? 

Will she decide she needs a man in her life? Will she even want him back if he were to come back?


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