Monday, July 15, 2013

City of Fallen Angels (Book Four of The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare)

  He could tell what they were thinking. "Vampire, Downworlder, enemy" was written all over their faces.

    It's the fourth book in this ever-lengthening series.  To be honest, the length of this series is already rivaling
The Twilight Saga.  But, amazingly, our attention is still held.  Instead of this book being all about Clary and Jace, it's more about Simon.  I like that fact that he is given the spotlight for a while.  After all, the guy deserves it.  He fell in love with his best friend, watched her fall into the most dangerous world imaginable, watched her heart break over Jace at various times throughout the series, then have his heart broken by her because she didn't and never would love him, became a vampire, became a Daylighter, and now has the Mark of Cain (which Clary put on him, to save his life).  The guy has been through hell and back and unfortunately in this book, he's back in hell, figuratively speaking.
   Simon is now dating Maia and Isabelle, but they don't know that.  He is trying to keep them from finding out about each other until he can figure out what to do.  At the same time he is dealing with being a vampire and the thirst for blood that it brings with it.  He is starting to feel very alone and the curse of the mark is hanging heavily on him.  The one time that he tries to explain to his mother what he is, she freaks out.  So he leaves his house and starts staying at Kyle's house, the newest band member.  Unbeknownst to Simon, Kyle is a werewolf, and Maia's ex.  In what seems like the worst night ever for Simon, he bites someone close to him, his two girlfriends find out about each other, and Maia meets Kyle again.
   The Mark of Cain was meant to be a curse to the original wearer, Cain.  Unfortunately, Simon is feeling the heavy burden of the curse as well.  No one can harm him without being killed.  And now that everything has gone crazy, his loneliness has no boundaries.  Everyone who knows of the mark he wears, wants Simon as an ally, but no one wants to be there for him.  They are all wrapped up in their own lives to notice the trouble he is having.

"You're a vampire.  It's in your nature to want to drink blood.  You've held out a long time without doing it.  I know you can walk in the sun, Simon, and so you pride yourself on being a normal human boy, but you're still what you are.  Just like I am.  The more you try to crush your true nature, the more it will control you.  Be what you are.  No one who really loves you will stop."

*image via Cassandra Clare
*quotes via Cassandra Clare

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