Friday, November 29, 2013

The Mind Readers Book 1 by Lori Brighton

 Moving.  They were always moving around.  Cameron and her grandmother never stayed in one place very long.  They had a particular gift that could not be made known to the world.  There were those who would exploit and use that gift for their own purposes, or worse, they would experiment on them.  They were mind readers.  They could hear people's innermost thoughts.  For Cameron, it was never really a pleasant experience because it showed you just how shallow people could really be.  Take her friend Emily for example.  She was flashy and seemed very superficial, but Cameron knew just how alone she really felt.  Emily never got near enough attention.  Her parents were never home.  But being able to hear people contemplating murdering their spouses or thinking about having an affair was quite a burden.  The burden became even worse when it involved someone actually committing a crime.  Cameron wasn't allowed to intervene.  If she did, questions could be asked and they could be found out.  If found out, they would be packing up again and it wasn't too long until graduation.  She didn't want to move again before then.
   Then one night a body washes up on shore where Cameron and a bunch of her friends are hanging out.  It was the body of a relatively new girl at school, but everyone knew who she was.  Poor Samantha.  Among the fray, Cameron here's the killer proclaiming his heinous deed.  The only problem?  There were so many people crowding around Cameron that she couldn't tell who exactly it was.  All she knew was that it didn't sound like any of the kids she knew.  With the body on shore also comes the new student at school.  A guy named Lewis shows up unexpectedly.  Cameron can't help but wonder if he was involved in the murder.  But this Lewis guys shows up with more secrets than Cameron can even imagine.

   This book is so full of surprises and twists and turns that you just can't get bored with it!  I loved reading it every inch of the way!  And the best part?  There are two other books in the series that I can't wait to read!  Why?  Because Cameron's fate is so very uncertain.  She develops feelings very quickly for Lewis and he seems interested in her as well.  But when he shows her that he uses his mind reading for good without having to walk away from situations and feel guilty, it starts to make her think about her life as it was and how she wished for a life like that.  But Lewis's life isn't necessarily as rosy as it seems either.  If she decides to leave her grandmother to see where Lewis lives, she doesn't know what she is getting into.  All she knows is that there are others like her.


*image via Lori Brighton

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