Thursday, November 21, 2013

Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance

   Ladies, if you are looking for a hot steamy read, you should definitely check out The Billionaire Bad Boys of Romance Boxed Set!  You get a whole bunch of novels for a great price!

Want the eccentric guy who is also on the run from the law?  Try Malcolm Ward in The Billionaire's Muse.

Want the rich, handsome guy inevitably attracted to the broke college girl?  That would be Gabriel Reynolds in The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop.

It's a versatile set and it only costs $2.99 for Kindle right now on Amazon!

Steamy level: Straight up 10 out of 10

Books included in the set:  

The Billionaire's Muse
The CEO and the Girl from the Coffee Shop
Yes, Mr. Collins
My Rockstar Billionaire
Heidi and the Kaiser
Gloria's Secret
Make You Mine
Trapped into a Marriage 
The Art of Catching a Greek Billionaire
What He Wants

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