Tuesday, November 1, 2016

New release Dueling Kings by Bree Pierce

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✮ (¸.•´✶ (¸.•NOW LIVE!!!
Dueling Kings by Bree Pierce 
is now live and available on Amazon!! Price is 99 cents through November 5th! Dive into another world today!

One unique woman. Two kings who covet her. One for love and one for greed. 
A chance sighting at the annual peace treaty in the snowy province of Oselma unearths one of the 12 provinces greatest secrets. Anastacia has been hidden away for over 20 years, living with an old witch until she's seen by two kings who suddenly display interest in her. Traveling to Tyberia, she meets King Dejen and finds how much of a kind man he is, as well as a respected ruler. Her time there is cut short when she's forced to journey to the mountainous region of Cantilla to meet King Carlos. He is nothing like King Dejen and Anastacia soon finds herself his prisoner. At the mercy of the king's whims, Anastacia can only hope that someone will come for her before Carlos reaches the point of no return with her.
***This book contains some sexual content and violence. It is not advised for readers under 16.***



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