Tuesday, November 1, 2016


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Taming a Duke's Wild Rose
by Tammy Andresen

Since the death of her mother, Lady Rose Wentworth has dreamed of a hero. A knight or soldier who sweeps her off her feet and heals the scars she hides within. These fantasies cloud her judgement when it comes to a man’s true nature and every suitor she pines for proves to be less than honorable. But Rose is convinced she has finally found a true hero in the soldier, Carl Lundberg.

Fearing for Rose’s future, her father arranges a match with the scarred duke. Powerful and rich beyond reason, Lord Wentworth is convinced this is the man who can provide a real future for his daughter. But Rose knows better, or so she thinks. Now she is caught between two men, one handsome and dashing, the other scarred but intriguing none-the-less. As each vies for her hand, Rose finds it more difficult to discern whose intentions are pure.

The more Rose is entangled in the web of love and marriage the more she questions which man has the true heart and who can unlock hers.

Another thoroughly entertaining read by the author! Rose is a strong willed woman who is being forced to marry a man who is not of her choosing. All the while she's determined to have a former soldier named Carl as a husband. However, when she starts to become acquainted with a man named Alex Cross, she begins to doubt her feelings for Carl and realizes that her heart is indeed not to always be trusted in its sincerity and decides to go along with her father's wishes. But...this man she suddenly burns for is no other than her intended! And while she feels like her trust has been violated, Rose is in danger. Carl will go to great lengths to get what he wants. He is no honorable man, unlike the one with the scarred face who is desperately trying to protect her. I loved every minute of this book and enjoyed seeing both main characters display growth as it went on.
 5 out of 5 stars!



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