Saturday, January 23, 2016

Review for Slither by Valarie Savage Kinney

I'm not going to lie.  This book freaked me out a little bit.  I am not fond of snakes.  They're on the list of creepy crawlies that I don't like so the thought of a snake hanging out in your body waiting to come out and do some bad stuff is a lot to take in.  Especially the idea behind it being some strange snake god who is in control of it and requires being fed...people's insides.  That's right. It goes down their mouth and eats their insides.  Disgusting right?  But it makes for one interesting horror type story.  There's your love interest between Emmett and Zari.  Zari is our main character and I have to say that she is a strong and brave character, but so is Emmett.  Both have had to suffer huge injustices because of their families and got away from it.  Well, Zari thought she did until her family showed back up and because she doesn't want to pledge her allegiance to Slither, they want to take her baby when it's born.  This book was pretty crazy messed up but it was an intriguing read and I would give a good 4 stars!

We're often told tales of the underworlds to feed the darkest corners of our nightmares. We tuck them away with the sunlight and laugh away the fear our minds created. But the daylight offers no relief for Zari. She's hidden her waking nightmare as nothing more than a damaged past. The venom of her secrets consumes her, as well as those she cares for most. Emmett, the love of her life and the only one with a past dark enough to respect her space, becomes a pawn in the war against the demonic force which is her bloodright. Can Zari overpower those out to get her to feed on the innocent? Can she save Emmett from the evil of Slither?



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