Sunday, January 24, 2016

Guest Post for Author Nicole Dykes!

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The Soulmates Series is about a group of friends going through adolescence and young adulthood. When the series is finished it will explore all of the main characters and show all of their perspectives.

Since they are a tight group of friends some things will be repeated from a different perspective, but you will get a lot of new information and new interactions in each book. I think it's fun to see the story from every side because you never know what someone is thinking and sometimes you don't know what everyone could be going through at home.

Book #1- Soulmates: The first book focuses on Maddy who is the sweet, innocent and sometimes naïve one in the group. The glue that holds everyone together.
Book #2-Fate: The second book focuses on Jake. The tough jock that has more going on than most people realize and uses sports as a distraction, but isn't actually in love with them.
Book #3- Rebound: The third book is Ryan. Who dates Maddy. You get to see his friends since he goes to a different school. This is the one book that shows very little of the rest of the group. *Spoiler*It will show their relationship from his point of view, but since they don't end up together will show him going to college and trying to move on from Maddy.
Book #4- Evolve: The fourth book is Jackie and Andy dual POV. Jackie is the typical cheerleader and social butterfly and Andy is the typical jock and rough around the edges. This book will show why they made the choices they made and how they ended up together. It will also show if they can stay together. Also, it will of course catch up with Maddy and Jake and show how their relationship has progressed.

Book 5- Untitled: The fifth book will explore Michelle's perspective on things and finally show her with someone. Michelle is the tough girl that doesn't care what anyone else thinks. I was more of a "Maddy" in school so this character is very dear to my heart because I definitely had a Michelle. Every nice girl needs a confident tough girl by her side :)

I love this group of friends and hope you all will too!

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