Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Broken by Erica Stevens (Releasing March 16th!!!)

Are you one of those fans of Erica Stevens's Captive Series??  I sure am and I just got to read her new book Broken!  This is meant to be a prequel to The Captive Series and I would suggest that you read at least a few of these books before you dive into Broken.  However, this was an awesome read!  It makes you see a man that was thought to be a cold, heartless monster as something else.  Perhaps Atticus, the main character, has more to him that what anyone ever believed.  It will truly change your perspective on everything you thought you knew about him and this series.  I wanted to cry and root for a happy ending so much in this book.  And it will make you want to take sides!  This is a highly recommended read!!


In The Captive Series the vampire king that decimated the human and vampire races was introduced, but now it’s time to meet the man that existed before he became a tyrannical king. 
At twenty-five, Atticus is the last surviving member of the most powerful line of vampires, and is known as a prince amongst his kind. The life of luxury and privilege he’s always known is about to change in ways that he never could have seen coming though. Ways that will forever alter the course of his life, the lives of all those around him, and the history of the world. 
With his life shattered and an all-consuming thirst for revenge the only thing keeping him going, he is left with only one realization… 
Sometimes what rises from the ashes of a broken man, is a monster. 

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