Sunday, March 8, 2015

A New Hope by Christina Escue

A New Hope is the second book in the Second Chance Series by Christina Escue.  It will be released on March 28th.  I had the privilege of reading this book very recently and I have to say, I like the story line to it and while we see the characters as more like children in the first book, you can definitely tell that they have grown up some in this book since many of them are facing challenges that have went from being accepted when they were younger to now having the challenges of deep relationships and whether to have sex or not since they are so young.  This is a clean book so it does not condone teenage sex or anything and I like the outlook that the adoptive dad, Andrew, has on this issue in particular.  Andrew tells his daughter's boyfriend, Connor, that he doesn't really approve of it but still wants them to be safe and that Connor can talk to him about whatever should he need to.  This book has a few different stories in it though, the most prominent being the appearance of Karla, the adoptive daughter, welcoming her brother, Elliot into the family.  After his grandmother dies, he comes to live with Karla and her family.  It is a tough adjustment for him.  He has dyslexia and has a really hard time reading.  It shows his struggles in and out of school.  My favorite though has to be the chemistry between Manuel and Callie.  Manuel is Karla's brother and Callie is Connor's twin sister.  The two of them have a kind of chemistry between them that is there from the moment Manuel shows up in the story, but he irks Callie to no end and she doesn't know what to do with her feelings.  This is a good read!  One definitely to check out when it is released!


Upon discovering she had a younger brother in Texas; Karla, Leslie and Andrew immediately go to him. What they didn’t expect was for tragedy to strike within days of their arrival. 

Elliot Matthews had known nothing but love his entire life. When his father was killed in a terrible accident he discovered his beloved grandmother was too ill to care for him, so she tracked down the mother he’d never known. Instead of a mother he got a sister he didn’t know existed. 

Now Karla must help Elliot deal with his grief as he adapts to new surroundings, makes new friends and learns that life really does go on. 

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