Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Romance Release!

Bree Pierce's newest novella, Stay With Me, will be live in just a few short hours and I am stoked!  It's a sweet and heartbreaking romance and a must read!!


Hank James was the man every woman wanted. His charm ensured that he would never be short of female company, but Valerie Gibson wasn’t just anyone. A few weeks of passion turns into something else. Alone and pregnant, Valerie doesn’t see Hank again until their son is six months old. Even though he returns, he isn’t home for good. Being a restless spirit, he can’t stay in one place for long, and leaves again. 
Finding herself alone time and again, Valerie Gibson must make a heartbreaking decision. Whatever she chooses will hurt in the worst of ways. Should she fight the unwinnable fight for their relationship, accept what little stability Hank is able to give, or let him go?

Ok this one is not really a quote from the book but it is pretty funny and kind of accurately describes the book.

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