Friday, September 19, 2014

Bastard's Brew (Family Portrait Book 3) by Gillian Felix

The next book in line of the Family Portrait Series by Gillian Felix has Adriana Banovic in as much trouble as ever.  She is secretly dating Haze, a guy who works for their family and is in college.  He is quite a bit older than her.  He has no idea she is still a minor.  She told him that she is going to college too.  Well her family still doesn't know about their relationship or just how far it has gone.  Kevin Banovic is having feelings for L'Wren, who happens to be Savi's step-daughter.  Savi is the woman black-mailing him into having relations with her.  Kevin is very ready to get rid of Savi so he may pursue L'Wren further.  Savi gets an idea that he might be trying to get with her and puts her foot down on the issue.  She always gets what she wants, one way or another.  Her daughter, Leighann DaCosta goes to school with Adriana and the girl knows about her secret relationship with Haze.  What Adriana doesn't understand is why Leighann would keep such a secret.  Oh well.  It benefits her so she doesn't protest.  But Adriana cannot keep herself out of trouble, and there is plenty of drama in the latest Family Portrait book!

You ever read a book where you just kept wishing that one or two people would get in trouble because they were such a pain?  This has been how I felt the entire time reading this book.  Adriana is more than a pill.  She is absolutely spoiled and needs a little bit of a reality check.  Some events that happen do give her a little bit of a check, but she is still as spoiled as ever.  Kudos to Kevin for handling her well though.  His dose of reality was the best out of everything.  Savi is still being herself, but Kevin has plans for her.  All in all, it's another day in the life of the DaCostas and the Banovics!

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