Thursday, September 12, 2013

Changes (Family Portrait Volume 1) by Gillian Felix

   I don't mean to be cliche' by quoting something like this, but the song about the lifestyle of the rich and the famous comes to mind whenever I read this book.  It somewhat adequately sums it up as well.  Get the feel of it here with a little Good Charlotte...

   In some cosmic way, these families collide with each other, whether it's in small ways or not.  It is still strange how their lives start to interweave.
  The Banovics....struggling financially these days.  Robin, the dad, had cut off ties with his father, Viktor long ago.  Kevin, the oldest son, is the obedient child and also on the other side of the law at times.  Everyone at school either adores or fears him.  Zax, the quieter one, studious, and has the hots for a girl who he's never had the nerve to ask out.  Adriana, drama queen, literally.  She was on the number one soap opera for eight years and then was fired and booted back to school.  No one seems to like her at school and she could care less.  She will do anything to get what she wants.  And she is all about the limelight.  Then there is Jayne, the good wife to Robin.  She's his support.  Roxanne is Robin's Olympic medalist sister.  And then there's Adrian, the missing brilliant neurosurgeon brother who doesn't want to be found.

   The DaCostas....Stefan, widowed when his wife died in childbirth with his first child.  Owns a chain of hotels.  Savi, the other wife of Stefan, that is now estranged from him.  She manages the career of their youngest child and likes to be in control.  She will also go out of her way to get what she wants.  L'Wren is the child of Stefan and his first wife.  When Stefan and Savi split, L'Wren chose to go with her father to stay. She is protective of her younger sister, Leighann, who is Stefan and Savi's child.   Leighann is the star of the family, whether she likes it or not.

   The Banovics and DaCostas are both families that came from money.  Viktor Banovic created a small empire out of the winery he built himself over the years of his life.  The DaCostas wealth comes out of Stefan's hotels and especially Leighann's fame.  Her mother likes riding along on her fame, but Leighann is exhausted and ready to quit.  When she does she walks away with nothing, including her own mother.  She goes to live with L'Wren and go to school like a normal girl.  All she wants is a normal life.  She encounters Adriana Banovic when she starst school at Westwood Academy.  Adriana is not well liked since she is no longer a star and she is rather confrontational.  However, with her history of fame and family connections there is no way she would ever get in much trouble for anything.
   After the death of his father, Robin returns home to find that the winery and manor has been given to him.  The thing he never wanted.  He never wanted involved in it and walked away as soon as he could when he was younger.  Now, after all this time, he begins to wonder if he was wrong.
   So many drugs, schemes, and much more.  One girl just wants to be normal.  One girl just wants the limelight.  Selfish motives abound and changes are coming for everyone.  It's Hollywood....

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