Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Lost in Starlight by Sherry Soule (available June 26th)

    Sloane is a high school student who works for the school paper as a reporter, has purple hair, wears dark clothes a lot, and loves watching horror movies.  But she isn't into mindless slasher movies.  Sloane is looking for a good story and Hayden, one of the guys at school, is looking like it.  He has the dark, sexy look to him that could get him any girl in school.  He is also a nice guy.  He sticks up for other students and saves animals.  Too bad his brother, Zach, isn't the same way.  He knows Sloane is chasing after Hayden to get a story and tells her to back off.  The thing is that she can't.  Hayden seems to have some weird supernatural powers and Sloane inevitably finds herself more than just drawn to him.  She really likes him, and she thinks he likes her too.  There's just one little thing about Hayden: he's part alien.  And because of who he is as well as his relationship with Sloane, she is in danger.  Their relationship must remain a secret.

    I wasn't so sure about this book at first.  I am not really big into teenage drama, probably because it's been some time since I was a teen, but the story really picks up and becomes one about ill-fated lovers.  Sloane is now constantly in danger from someone or another.  She is just a human while those out to get her are not so much.  I do have to say that the teenage drama does seem pretty realistic.
   As for the ending, it was very unexpected!  Total twist!  Never saw it coming!  Now all I want to do is read the next one because I need to know what happens next and how this will affect everything.  Does it mean even more trouble or maybe a way to a solution for Sloane?

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