Monday, June 30, 2014

Blood Claim (Half-Blood Princess Book 1) by Magen McMinimy

   Some things are not supposed to exist.  To humans it is such things as vampires.  To vampires it is the half-blood princess who is supposed to be half human and half vampire, which is an impossibility in the world of vampires.  Sophia Daletsky is the impossibility.  She is the half-blood princess.  And why is she a princess?  Her father is the first vampire.  Although half human, Sophia has been trained to fight by her cruel brother Irad and can very well take care of herself.  For the moment she is out of touch and out of sight from her entire family.  She's on a mission to find someone very special who needs protection from Irad.  What she doesn't expect is to run into an ex of another vampire she knows well.  Dante Baikov is beyond handsome.  He melts Sophia's heart rather quickly while she is on her mission to protect Dante's brother's girlfriend: Sarah.  Sarah is human, but the Baikovs are not.  Strangely enough, Sarah knows this.  It seems that she doesn't care that they're vampires and loves Tavien anyway.  Sophia must protect this seemingly gentle spirit of a girl, but the stakes are very high.  Not only are Sarah and her friends in danger, but Sophia's very life could be in danger.  Irad will not be put off easily, and although she is his sister, he won't hesitate to kill Sophia to get to what he wants.

   This is a shorter story, but still a rather fascinating story line.  I did miss some of the details that could have been added into the book though.  At times it feels like you are running through it, while others feel like you are living every moment in this book.  It is an interesting pace for a short story.  A lot of the attention in the book is divided between the growing attraction between Dante and Sophia and the struggle for her to keep Sarah and the others safe.  Another important point in the story is how no one knows who Sophia is for most of the book.  She doesn't like people to know who she is and even keeps it from Dante.  It seems that she is always trying to come up with a good time to tell him, but it never happens.  One of my favorite parts of the book is when her dad shows up in town per her request.  It's a shocker to find out who her dad is!

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