Monday, June 23, 2014

Immortal Blood (An Immortal Heart Novel) by Magen McMinimy

Isabelle was a beautiful, successful woman.  The only thing was that she wasn't tied down.  She wasn't married and she had no children.  And she was in her upper twenties.  Lizzy was well aware of her situation every time she saw her younger sister, who was happily married with 2 children of her own.  Then she meets Zander and agrees to a date with him.  Lizzy's entire world gets turned upside down because of the handsome and dangerous guy.  Turns out he is a leprechaun that stole some of her luck.  Because of that, she learns about a whole different world; one involving vampires, immortals and more.  One particular immortal in particular seems to get under her skin: Bain.  He's beyond handsome, has a gorgeous set of wings, and a huge ego to go with it.  Although Lizzy is now in danger of Zander coming back to finish the job with her, she is more in danger of falling for Bain.  
  Lizzy comes to live with Bain and his family for a while to keep her safe until they can get some of her luck back from Zander.  While she's there, her relationship with Bain becomes heated and she gets to know some of his immortal family.  The main thing though?  She's human and he is not.  Her life is much shorter than his, and some of his family readily points this out to Bain.

   This book is for mature audiences only!  I tend to like the paranormal books more than just romance, but this one is a romance with some paranormal blended in.  The main story though is focused on the ever evolving relationship between Lizzy and Bain.  She is a successful woman who wants to eventually settle down with a good man and have a family.  He is a playboy and doesn't have a thought about settling down with one woman.  However, when Lizzy comes along, he can't help but be drawn to her since she resists the temptation he so readily offers.

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