Saturday, March 22, 2014

Here (Here Trilogy Book 1) by Ella James

 Milo Mitchell lost her dad almost two years ago.  Now it was just her and her mom.  Her mom was always working.  Milo, still in high school, just had to worry about homework and keeping track of the mule deer her dad had been researching before he died.  She had decided to take up his work, unknown to her mom.  While out in the woods looking for a deer that needed tagged, she accidentally tranquilizes a guy instead.  He looks to be right around her age and very handsome.  However, he doesn't remember anything about who he is.  When this guy showed up out of nowhere he was wearing a tux.  Who wears a tux in the middle of the woods?  So she names him Nick for the time being and brings him home, feeling extremely guilty for hitting him with her tranquilizer gun.  Milo decides to help him figure out who he is and in the process some strange things start happening.  He has massive headaches that come and go and seems to know literally everything.  Pretty much anything fact based Nick has the answer to.  They eventually find out he looks just like a boy missing from a crash near the area Milo had been in when she saw Nick for the first time.  He tells Milo that he is pretty sure he is not this boy though.  And when they go to a party together, Nick ends up melting a statue and possibly killing a girl, then bringing her back.  After that he is afraid he will end up hurting Milo, whom he cares for much more than he admits.  So he leaves to find this family he is supposedly a part of, only to run into trouble and come running back to Milo.  What's worse is now the "Men in Black" are chasing the both of them!

   Here is a good read for any alien/extraterrestrial fans out there.  It is an interesting story about a being coming from somewhere out there in the universe, looking for something that Earth can give his people.  But along the way he becomes very close to a human girl and what the alien is there for is now somewhat compromised.  But this alien has no idea he is an alien for quite some time during the book because he completely loses his memory.  The only thing is that the end cuts off just when you start to wonder what will happen next!  The next book in the series will be coming out March 19th!

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