Wednesday, March 19, 2014

He Sees Me by John Sivils

  "He's outside right now.....He's watching us." 

   Some secrets are not meant to be remembered.  Some secrets are buried by our subconscious because of the circumstances and what it puts our mind through.  But these secrets have been forced from the mind, cut out like paper snowflakes.  The shadow following around Matt is the type of creature that can make people forget their memories.  People become nonexistent.  Matt has to wonder what kind of thing can make you forget someone who was at one time in your life.  And where do they disappear to?
    Things weren't always like this.  Matt lived a fairly normal life besides only having one parent, a crazy one at that.  He had apparently been adopted and raised by his father.  Because of the rocky relationship between the two of them, he played with and stayed with his best friend, Nathan, growing up.  Now they were at college together.  But Nathan disappears and Matt is determined to find out where he went to.  Once he starts looking for clues, he feels like he is being watched all the time.  The clues are horrific and ones that he cannot even begin to wonder about what they all mean.  Pill bottles, a large circle with an x in it, and what looks to be blood stains is what he starts finding.  But there's more.  Oh so much more.  And the more Matt looks for the shadow man, the more attention he draws to himself.  His life and his sanity is on the line.

                                         "Watch your step."

   If you know anything about the Slender Man, then you will probably enjoy this book!  I, myself, know very little about this character, but I know that this book creeped me out!  It is a psychological thriller/horror story that will keep you up at night!  Pull up a chair and turn on all the lights because before you are finished, you will be looking in the shadows of your home checking for the boogie monster!  Besides having some minor grammatical errors, it has a great story line and is a good read.  I don't read much horror, and will warn you, this one has some nasty and gory parts to it.  It is not for the faint of heart!

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