Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Legacy of Kilkenny (Book 1) by Devyn Dawson

Normally I write a little about what the story is about before anything else, but I will be doing this review a little differently.  I am going to post the blurb from Amazon right below this paragraph and then talk about this particular novel.

Ireland has many secrets... this is one of them.

   For sixteen years, my life has been normal. Piedsville, Oklahoma isn't the tourist mecca of the world, but it's where I live. It's my junior year and I've known everyone since Kindergarten, everyone except her, Pru Phelan. She walked into my English class, my heart stopped. I'd never heard the name Phelan before, so I Googled it and found Phelan means wolf. What I didn't know, she was a werewolf and soon my destiny would change.

This is the story about the prophecy of the Great Wolf and how it relates to me. I'm Abel Casey, and I am the Great Wolf.

The Legacy of Kilkenny is a young adult story about werewolves, friendship, family, and fear. 

   There are pros and cons to this story and if you do not want to know more about the story before reading it, you should especially avoid the cons because they have some telling points to them!  


-A relationship between a guy and a girl is nothing new, but it is nice to see a novel where they are not romantically involved.  Abel and Pru are great friends.  The only problem is that he likes her, but she has eyes for someone else.

-The idea of a Great Wolf that will have powers and such that normal weres don't is an intriguing idea.  You don't see this idea really fleshed out in this novel, but I am hoping it is in the following books.

-The jealousy of certain characters in the story seems rather realistic when you think about how you are dealing with high school students in the book.

-Pru is not just going to "give it up" to a guy, if you know what I mean.  Being the only girl besides her mom in a pack where it seems pretty accepted to mate with others unless you are tied down, it's nice to know she is not.


-Why are there no other females in a pack like this? There is Pru and Dolly until Shaynie comes.

-Why was Shaynie sent to this pack exactly? They never really give a definite reason and we know little to none about her past. In a pack as tight as this someone is not just brought in.  There are always good reasons.  She seems like just a random extra that was thrown in to annoy Pru.

-Speaking of Pru, she has all of these dreams and intuitions but we don't exactly see them coming to fruition. Like how she right off says she knows she will kill Parker soon, but through the whole book that never happens. Then she knows something is up with Shaynie, but nothing comes of that either.

-What does Arien want with Pru? We know he wants to know who the Great Wolf is and all, but it sure seems like he has a thing for Pru, and somehow Allie finds out. How exactly did she find out?

-Josie just disappears off of the face of the planet. Who knows what happens to her?

I just have so many questions about the characters in the book! You don't want to leave an awful amount of questions and open ends even in a series. It makes it hard to read and a little on the unbelievable side. This novel just needs some cleanup work. The idea is great and it could be a five star book easily with some work!  Instead, I am forced to give it 3.5 stars.  However, the potential is definitely there!

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