Sunday, February 23, 2014

Apocalyptic Moon by Eva Gordon

   Dr. Dora Adler loved what she did.  She enjoyed helping people.  In fact, she was pretty much married to her work.  No time for relationships and men.  Not when she worked constantly and her shifts could be any time of the day and night.  Then the dreaded Z-Phage struck, turning tons of people into zombies.  When it does, Dora is stuck diagnosing those with the early stages of the virus.  She has a particular gift at being able to discern who has it in the early stages when others cannot.  Everything changes when she is bitten by one of the zombies inside of the hospital.  When she doesn't turn, she's taken to a facility to run tests on her to try and find a cure.  Their tests are more like torture to Dora than anything else.  She had endured countless bites to see if she would ever turn.  While there, she meets the very hot Dirk Gunderson.  He is definitely hotter than any romance novel she has ever read.  Until he tells her he is a werewolf.  Then she starts doubting his sanity.  After he tells Dora she's a witch, she's sure he is deranged.  Proof of what he is seems easy enough, but it scares her.  And after having to come to terms with what Dirk is, it's not so far fetched to think she is a witch with her strange abilities.  Like her ability to sense the virus on anyone before symptoms really present themselves.  Oh and the mind talk thing she can do with Dirk.  Mr. Bad Boy/Playboy likes Dora too.  Maybe too much.  He has never been tied down and never wanted to be until Dora came into the picture.  But first they must escape.  There will be tons of trials ahead of them.  But they are both determined to get back to their families and to safety.  On the way they'll fight countless zombies, other lycans, and even their own growing feelings for each other.  As much as he wants to mark her as his mate, if he does, Dirk could start a huge pack war.  Being an Alpha and next in line, certain things are expected of him.  Mating with a powerful witch and having offspring that could do who-knows-what is not one of them.  Marking her could be more dangerous than the hordes of zombies they face on a daily basis.  Still, Dirk isn't sure just how long he can hold out before making Dora his.

   This book is zombies, werewolves, witches, and romance wrapped all in one!  It packs all of your hideous zombie movies in with some serious Wolverine-type werewolf action while throwing in some definite steaminess to it!  Besides it overplaying Star Trek quotes a little too much, it is a great read for those of you into the paranormal and sci-fi books!  Who doesn't like a little forbidden love?  Dirk and his kind are dangerous, very dangerous, but he is the only chance of Dora finding her brother and niece.  He is also the only way to find out more about what she really is.  Watching their struggles to survive along with the struggle with their feelings is one rather exciting adventure!

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