Thursday, February 27, 2014

Dovetailed by Rashelle Workman

   The Immortal Essence series continues in Dovetailed.  Venus is a new goddess and still doesn't understand all of her powers and her real parents, Ith and Aetha (gods as well), left the planet.  It was now her job to take care of Kelari.  One of her new powers includes putting souls back into their bodies if they have not already left to where souls normally go.  And she is newly married to Michael, the halfling.  He is an all new breed, one that has never been seen before, and has powers all his own.  Unfortunately he is the only one who can get what is needed to help defeat the huge monsters about to invade Kelari.  King Antyon is determined to become supreme ruler over Kelari and then Earth.  But he is not the type of ruler they want and will destroy Kelari to get what he wants.  The beasts being set loose can even kill the immortal Kelvieri.  Amberlee, the fifteen-year-old girl that Venus thought was her younger sister until now, is being queened before she even goes through becoming a Kelvieri and immortal.  With both of her parents dead, due mostly to her betrayal of them, she is now the natural heir.  However, she was never groomed for this position because her parents had spent all of their energy on Venus.  Amberlee still struggles with jealousy of Venus as well as the guilt of her betrayal.  Now she must get her people to believe in her and do what she can to help them.  The rebellious teenage girl must become a leader.  Then there is her boyfriend, Palmo.  He is King Antyon's son and not to be trusted.  Instead of just explaining that to her, Venus lets Amberlee figure it out on her own.

   I love reading this series by Rashelle Workman!  It is all about immortals, huge scary beasts, deceit, love, and betrayal.  Amberlee must go through her own people trying to reject her because of her betrayal of them to King Antyon.  And her boyfriend is not who she thought he was.  Going from rogue princess to the queen and leader of her people is quite the journey for her.  Venus goes through the stresses of early marriage to Michael and the constant danger everyone around her is in now that they are under attack.  Michael learns of the powers he has and how they can help him save everything he loves and cares about.  Check out book one: Exiled

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