Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Reclamation (Book 3 of The Ravening Series) by Erica Stevens TEASER

   The saga continues...Bethany and Cade are still running for their lives, but things are changing.  The death and destruction left from the aliens have reached an all time high and the group can barely stomach what they are seeing.  As lives are continually in jeopardy, so are Cade and Bethany's secrets about who they both really are.  And the secret does come out that Cade is one of the aliens.  Fortunately because of his love and dedication to Bethany, they don't try to kill him.  But the group remains very distrusting of him.  Who would blame them after what they had seen and been through?  Then there is Bethany's little secret about the changes Cade's blood made within her.  Everyone finds out about that too and suddenly she is on the bad list as well.  She lied to everyone about that and Cade.  But Cade will do anything for Bethany to make sure she survives and has the life she deserves.  And that includes a very daring move to try and rid Earth of the aliens that continue to stalk it.  It's the only move they have.  With the help from a very unusual source, they have to at least try to save the world.  If they don't succeed, all will be lost.

"There's something about certain humans that entangles us.  There's something about them that we react to, and it is only one of them for each of us."

   This book made me want to laugh and cry.  It makes you feel like you are living it.  You can feel yourself wading through the emotional turmoil of the characters.  It is an amazing ending to an amazing series!  Make sure you check it out!  The book comes out January 28th!

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