Friday, January 17, 2014

Twin Souls (Nevermore Book 1- A Vampire Hunter Novel) by K.A. Poe

   Being abandoned by your dad was one thing, but when your mom walks out on you too, what do you do?  Alexis is going to be 18 soon and things in her life have suddenly gotten more complicated than she bargained for.  Feeling completely abandoned, she does her best to go on with her life while her dad left a long time ago and her mom just left to go live elsewhere with her boyfriend, Mark.  Her best friends, Karen and Jason, do their best to cheer her up, but should Alexis even care anymore?  Interestingly enough, she meets a mysterious new guy at school that is showing quite a bit of interest in Alex while her life is going down the drain.  She ends up going to his house and after midnight on her 18th birthday, he has to explain that she is from a line of vampire hunters and her mom and dad were not her real parents.  Her Uncle Paul is her real father and her real mother has been dead for a long time.  Paul hid Alex in order to protect her from the monsters he was hunting.  But the twist is that Salem, the new guy from school, is a vampire too.  He just doesn't drink human blood.  And he can conjure pretty much anything he wants to, food included.  The more that she gets to know Salem, the less she thinks he is a monster.  In fact, she really likes him and he cares for her very deeply.  But Paul is a hard case and feels like all vampires are monsters.  Then Alex sees her mother on t.v. after having been mauled by a bear.  She was in the hospital, but alive.  Alex has a bad feeling about what is going on, thinking that it was a vampire, like Mark.  Salem doesn't think it's him at first because he used to be like Salem.  But after a series of strange and short conversations with Alex's mom, Salem grows more suspicious of Mark being the perpetrator.  In a desperate move, Alex asks for she and Paul, along with her real aunt, to go see about her mom.  But she has no idea what she will find and how it will impact her life.

   In a way you want to say poor Alex because of all of the hardships she had to endure.  However, she is one tough girl and does her absolute best to deal with things as they come.  It is a lot to take in being abandoned by two parents only to find out neither are your real parents and your real dad wants a relationship with you.  He wants to be dad while Alex is not ready to accept that just yet.  It is a tenuous situation and things get more and more strained with the situation with Alex's mom and then finding out that Alex has an exceptionally rare gift.  Then there is Salem, who Paul has tried to kill a few times and almost succeeded at one point.  Will Paul be able to accept their growing relationship?  And more importantly, will Alex be able to accept who she really is?

*image via K.A. Poe

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