Monday, January 27, 2014

Vampires Rule (Rule Series Book 1) by K. C. Blake

   Yes when I first saw this book the title jumped out at me as corny at best, and only more than a little over played.  But I finally decided to give this book a try and it was much better than my expectations.  My expectation was a Twilight rerun.  But Vampires Rule had an interesting story line and I wouldn't mind reading the complete series.
   In the beginning of the book, Jack is a vampire.  A 17-year-old boy forever stuck at that age.  Never to grow old and never to even feel the heat of the sun again.  He was turned ten years before when his mother and father and he were killed by a werewolf.  Luckily there had been vampires nearby and they turned him.  In a stroke of luck, or possibly fate, he is mauled by a werewolf in a cemetery while trying to save a teenage girl.  Turns out she didn't need saving, but he might.  Being scratched by a werewolf was a death sentence to a vampire and to a human it was the curse of becoming what had injured them.  Silver, the girl Jack was trying to save, takes him to her house to heal.  She saved him from the werewolf.  Silver is one powerful hunter that has the power to suck the souls out of werewolves.  And she was destined to meet Jack.  It is all written in a diary from long ago.  Strangely enough, because of his injury, Jack turns back into a human.  But not a normal human.  Unfortunately some of his powers, along with a few new ones, would be returning to him.  He would have some vampire powers as well as some werewolf powers.  Why?  Because he and Silver were not only meant to meet and be together, but they were meant to take down the head werewolf.  In killing the oldest werewolf, that would make all others into regular humans again.  But being human is much harder than Jack thought.  He is tempted to go back to his vampire family on more than one occasion.  Even going back to finish high school is hard.  His temper is out of control and he has to deal with his would-be younger brother that has now taken the roll of parent basically.  Billy, his brother, is under a lot of stress and continually hopes that he doesn't have to kill Jack.  Billy's afraid of Jack to some degree.  He knew what he was before Jack came back home.  Then there is Silver.  Jack is crazy about her but feels like he is putting her in even more danger since everyone seems out to get him.  Can he balance his crazy life, the revenge he wants for his family's death, and find the head werewolf?

   It is especially interesting in this book to see how vampires and werewolves were created, and who created them.  The reasoning behind it was rather selfish.  My question is why would you create both of these factions and then write in a diary about visions of ending werewolves and vampires after you were the one who had created them?  This is a question that there is no answer to in this book.  The woman behind all of this is rather vague and we don't know a whole lot about who she was.  Then watching Jack struggle with being some kind of destined super human is definitely worth the read.  When he becomes human, he feels even more alone than when he was a vampire.  No one seems to really understand him.  Those close to him seem to fear him.  Others want to kill him.  And the only other person besides Silver that he feels close to and connected to turns out to be his mortal enemy.  And his enemy warns him that Silver brings trouble with her wherever she goes.  In fact, at the end of the book, Jack receives another sinister warning about Silver from an unexpected source.  Just another thing to add to the pot of complicated that has become his life.

*image via K.C. Blake

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