Tuesday, August 27, 2013

If the zombie apocalypse happened....

   My main question, which might sound pretty strange, is if the zombie apocalypse actually happened, would it really be survival of the fittest?  If you think about it, it's kind of a curious question to ask because there could possibly be so many variables in the mix.  I have seen Zombieland and as hilarious as it really is, it could also have some very good pointers in this whole rule thing it has going on.
   If the zombie apocalypse happened in a very quick time frame, as in hours, most people who lived in large cities and were in crowded areas would just be out of luck.  I don't care how good of an athlete you are because unless you have some serious spider man skills, you're done for.  With that many zombies crowding you, lurking around every corner, and dead end alleys, it's just not good.  The body count is going to sky rocket (as well as the number of zombies).
   One of those weird unknown variables would be, how does one turn into a zombie?  If it's contagious even by getting bit like a lot of the stories say, then most of the world is going to turn zombie in no time.  If it's not like that, then there is a chance that we could stamp it out before it became a huge epidemic.
   Those who are living in the less crowded areas, the suburbs and rural areas are going to have a better chance at fortifying their homes or just plain running before it hits their area.  Chances are, the further away you are, the better chance you have of hearing about it beforehand.  This is a real advantage.
   Then there are those paranoid crazies out there who, believe it or not, will be the ones who are most prepared for something like this.  They will be the ones to have the food supplies, medicine, and safe area to stay in until this blows over or something.  Not to mention the possibility of weapons to defend yourself.
   As for those of us with any real medical issues, we are in for a world of trouble because once most of the world turns into one of those things, there will be no one to make medicine and no one to make sure we have heating and air or electricity.  It will be like we are essentially back in the stone age.  Most survivors will die from exposure to the elements or of infection from even the smallest of wounds.
   In some ways, it would be survival of the fittest.  The physically and mentally strong will have an upper hand, as will those with a strong immune system.  But it will also be those who are prepared that will have a better chance as well.  But never underestimate the power of sheer luck and determination.  And most of man kind has the ability to have one or the other of the two.

On a lighter note, I would much rather it be something like a vampire invasion. So many more perks lol.

       The Rules:

*image via www.zombielandrules.com


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