Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Secret Doors: The Challenge by Brian D. Meeks

   Abby is an orphan.  She was adopted by the Drapers two years ago after a horrible fire took away all of the family that she had.  The Drapers had swooped in and given her a new home immediately, but she never felt like it was her home.  Shunned by Mrs. Draper because of her red hair, and picked on by Trent and Trevor (the Draper twins), she now spends her days as a "guest" in their home.  And it is made painfully obvious to her that she is not really wanted.
   Stevie is also an orphan.  He and Abby meet and become best friends.  Stevie lives in an orphanage.  They are both drawn together because of their similar situations.
   Both Abby and Stevie embark on a journey into the world of secret doors and challenges.  A world where Alphie, a friend in this new realm, is an owl and a man.  They are grouped together with a few other kids around their age and begin a challenge that neither of them really seem to understand.  But seeing that this is better than going back to their homes, they decide to go through with it.  What they find is more friendship, leadership, and becoming more of who they were meant to be.  But first, they must make it out of the challenge alive.  Because someone is sabotaging it.

   A great little novel that I would be comfortable letting younger kids read!  It is a very clean book, but still has the excitement of adventure.  It will definitely appeal to the younger readers!  Secret Doors is more than just an adventure, it's about the process of growing up as well, of getting the courage to go through all types of perils.  Great read!

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