Wednesday, May 16, 2018

New Release and Review for Camp Crush by Tammy Andresen

Camp Crush
Tammy Andresen


What happens when the wrong guy gives you the perfect first kiss?

I love almost everything about Camp Winnipeg. I’d been going there since I was ten but this year, I’m a counselor and it’s my chance to finally win over my dream guy, Alex. Unfortunately, his best friend, Drew McCabe, keeps getting in the way. He’s the snarky guitar loner who’d teased me at every opportunity last summer. But this year Drew’s being weirdly nice and I know he is up to something. Because people don’t change like that overnight, do they? Nope, they don’t. And I know that for sure he’s still teasing me when he pretends to be Alex and steals my first kiss. The fact that the kiss was amazing is even more infuriating.

Chloe is so adorable she makes my teeth ache. And I used think that was a pain to be avoided but more and more I am wondering if there’s a different way to cure an ache. When she looks at me with those big blue eyes, I can’t help but wonder if kissing her is the perfect balm. When I go for it, I manage to ruin everything.

Chloe heads off to camp as a counselor this year instead of a camper.  She hopes to help make her resume look good since she wants to be a teacher, but she also wants to impress upon Alex that she's no longer a child.  But when she gets there, things take a turn almost immediately.  He doesn't even really notice her.  Instead, it's Drew that's nice to her and acts way different than the year before when he was torturing her.  As their friendship grows, so do other feelings and the two struggle to deal with being friends as they open up more to each other about their lives.  And although he seems to screw things up constantly, Drew isn't who Chloe thought he was. He's so much more.
This was a great YA read that was very clean.  It was really sweet and although it's geared towards teenagers, I found myself enjoying reading it!  It's a great start to a new series by this author and I can't wait to see what comes next!
5 out of 5 stars!





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