Tuesday, February 6, 2018

New Release and Review for Heart of a Highlander by Tammy Andresen

Heart of a Highlander
A Laird to Love #2
Tammy Andresen


Will a spark between two childhood friends light into a flame…

Lady Fiona McDougal embodies the wild spirit of Scotland, untamed and free. If only her future could be the same, but she is bound by duty to marry well for the sake of the title. As her heart and necessity battle only one answer arrises time and again, Colin Campbell. But he is the one man who refuses to court her.

Colin has loved Fiona for as long as he can remember. Her fiery spirit and matching hair, fill him with a warmth that no other woman can match. But Colin's father has long made him promise that he will choose a wife for reasons other than love.

Another wonderful story by Tammy Andresen! I knew from reading other books by her that Fiona was going to be quite a handful, and I was right! She has more spirit than most men cared for in that day and age. Men wanted quiet, demure, dutiful wives. I'm afraid Fiona is anything but that. She has spirit and unfortunately these suitors that are put in her path, don't quite care for it except for making things interesting in bed. Colin, on the other hand, doesn't take to this suitor business well at all, but it's kind of his fault that she's in the position she is. Being forced to find a husband would be my worst nightmare and apparently it is for Fiona too. I really liked Colin and felt bad for the situation he was in with his father. That man really messed with his head. Over all it was a great read! 
5 out of 5 stars!



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