Tuesday, May 16, 2017

NEW RELEASE AND REVIEW FOR Taming A Savage Gentleman by Tammy Andresen

Taming A Savage Gentleman
by Tammy Andresen


Tom Maddox would never marry. He's the second son, the spare, and he prides himself on living his life without the confines of society. 

Baroness Segrave needs a husband for society’s sake but she’d prefer he have no opinion at all. Which is why the Earl of Loudoun seems the ideal choice. With no fortune and a drinking habit, he should allow her to keep running her estate while living off the allowance she’d give him. But Loudoun proves to be both drunk and foolish. Suddenly a husband who is strong, capable, and appreciative of her gifts gains merit in her eyes. A man like Tom Maddox. 

But how can she convince Tom that he should consider marriage and give up his carefree bachelorhood? Because no matter what anyone else believes, she’d rather the love of a gentleman than a lord. 


A man who isn't looking for a wife and a woman who isn't looking for an involved husband. Now that's quite a pair. Tom Maddox has no intention of marrying when he meets Flora. But the moment he sees her, things begin to change. And Flora is not only in the company of her mother, but an earl who is courting her. Loudon is a man who drinks too much and his behavior when he does is very unbecoming of a gentleman. It brings out a side that Flora doesn't like and Tom likes even less. In his quest to keep her safe, he falls in love with her once he realizes she is so much more than his first assumptions. She's a woman worth having and worth fighting for.
I loved reading their story and the end definitely left me wondering about Loudon and who he truly is. While he just seems like another bad guy, there is definitely more to him than what is seen in this book alone. I imagine his story has some real tragedy to it. Overall, it was another excellent read!

5 out of 5 stars!



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