Tuesday, March 21, 2017

New Release and Review for Taming A Rake Into A Lord by Tammy Andresen

~*~*~*New Release*~*~*~
Taming A Rake Into A Lord 
by Tammy Andresen


Christopher Masters is a first class rake. Having retired as a spy, he thinks he may spend the next year or two gambling and drinking as a way to forget the horrors of his past. Quite suddenly, he is thrown into a new role entirely when he inherits the title and properties of the Earl of Winthrop. He has no desire for such a role but even more distressing is the ward that accompanies the estate.

Lady Elizabeth knows that her future is uncertain. But when a handsome new earl arrives and announces that the will requires her to marry within the year, all hope is lost. Having cared for her father these past months, she is less than a wallflower. At least those ladies attended the ball. But if she doesn't marry, a new Earl might take Chris' place, Bernard Sinclair. She can't explain it, but his attention frightens her more than she can express.

As Chris attempts to help Lizzie find a suitable husband, his attraction for her cannot be denied. Will his past cripple his future or can Lizzie tame the rake into a lord?

I loved reading Chris and Lizzie's story. In fact, I just couldn't wait to read it, which is why I am already adding a review. There were some humorous moments, especially when Chris has his friends come over. I love the whole group; each of them bringing a different dynamic to the table. Barrett, Alex, and Chris are like the three musketeers and I love that! Chris is suddenly thrust into his new position as an earl, one he has no idea how to even begin to deal with. He is a self-proclaimed rake and mostly acts like one. But when he meets Lizzie things change. She must marry and soon, and although Chris is trying to find a suitor, he just can't keep his hands to himself. A handsy man (rake in this case who likes women with loose skirts) is not one I usually like, but Chris is so sweet and caring that it makes the romantic side of the book even better, especially since he continually fights himself and deals with being unworthy of such a woman. This is a great addition to the rest of the series! By the way, if you find yourself lost as to who the friends are in the book, don't worry, there are books about them too.
5 out of 5 stars!



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