Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New Release and Review for Eternally Bound (The Alliance Book 1) by Brenda K Davies

~*~*~*NEW RELEASE*~*~*~
Eternally Bound (The Alliance Book 1)
by Brenda K Davies


Over the centuries, anything Ronan once found pleasure in has faded away to be replaced with blood, death, and the ever-constant battle not to give in to the more savage side of his vampire nature. Every time he wakes, he questions if that day will be the one he succumbs to the beckoning darkness.

As a born hunter, Kadence has been sheltered from the world for her entire life, never allowed to step beyond the walls of her home. It’s not a life she’s happy with, but it’s one she’s come to accept. Everything changes the day her father is slaughtered by a vampire and she escapes the walls that have kept her caged.

After she’s attacked by the monster responsible for killing her father, Kadence is unsure how to react when she’s rescued by Ronan. Though raised to hate vampires, she finds herself irresistibly drawn to Ronan as she slowly begins to realize that everything she’s been taught over the years may not be true. Now, she must decide what she wants more; Ronan, her family, or the elusive freedom she’s finally found.

***The Alliance Series is a spin off of the Vampire Awakenings series. You do not have to read the Vampire Awakenings Series in order to follow the Alliance Series.***

Due to violence, language, and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+ 


"I imagine someone could live for all of time and still get things wrong. We were born to be flawed after all."

Well...I loved it! The author brings in some serious unknown factors into this book that I fully expect to see more of as the series progresses. Ronan is the oldest vampire around and he's a purebred from generations back. Meaning? He can kick serious butt and no vampire comes close to the amount of power he has. Kadence has been under lock and key her entire life. Being a female hunter means your life is planned out for you. You learn how to be a good wife and if you're lucky, a mother. And that is basically all their existence entails. Not yet resigned to her fate, she escapes and follows her twin brother on the hunt for the vampire that killed their father. Because of that one act, it sets into motion events that no one could have foreseen. I love how hard Ronan seems to be and yet, he can be so caring for Kadence. And she turns out to be something entirely new. This book does end in a cliff hanger. Things aren't really resolved. But I can't wait for book 2!
5 out of 5 stars!



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