Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Trek To Elysium Chronicles by Hugh Richard Williams

This is the 2nd edition of Volume 1 of a zombie apocalyptic trilogy. It traces the adventures of four friends who attempt to escape the government, the zombie apocalypse, and the evil corporation who caused the crisis.


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The Trek to Elysium Chronicles: Volume 2 is the second book of a three part series that follows a group of intrepid adventurers who are fleeing from The Zombie Apocalypse as well as trying to solve the mystery of what caused it.


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Imagine what you would do if The Zombie Apocalypse, a long time favorite topic of authors in the Zombie genre, finally happened? Would you be prepared at all and have a chance to survive or would you be unprepared and quickly die or become a Zombie? 

This book is the first of three that I plan to write for this series. It tracks the travels of myself and 3 friends as we attempt to escape the Zombie apocalypse. Our journey begins in Southern Illinois, in a town named Carbondale. We travel across the country attempting to reach Elysium, which one of the larger safe havens in the United States. Along the way we meet new friends and attempt to dispose of new enemies. 

The apocalypse was caused by a combination of factors. One was our government allowed people with the Nova Virus to come to our country to get help. We are still the only country that allows that. Second, a corrupt (Are there any others?) mega corporation that was given a huge government contract to perfect a vaccine to cure the Nova Virus allowed the vaccines to become contaminated. Millions of people took the vaccine and I think the reader will figure out what happened as a result of the contamination. 

It is very hard to keep politics out of Zombie books, so I do not try to. I express my opinions as I see things as do the other characters in the book. Please keep in mind that this book is a work of fiction. 

All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.


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