Sunday, July 17, 2016

Release Day and Review for Good Intentions (Road To Hell Book 1) by Brenda K Davies



It has been thirteen years since the war started, the bombs were dropped, and the central states became a thing of the past. When the war ended, a wall was erected to divide the surviving states from those destroyed. I never expected to go beyond the wall but unlike all the others who volunteered to go, I wasn’t given a choice. 

With a dim knowledge of what I could do, the soldiers came for me. They took me beyond the wall where I learned that the truth is far more terrifying than I’d ever dreamed. Alone, with humans and demons seeking to learn what it is I can do, I find myself irresistibly drawn to the one man I should be avoiding most. One who intrigues and infuriates me. One who is not even a man, not really. 


My entire life, I’ve had only one mission, reclaim my throne from Lucifer and put right everything that was torn apart when he was cast from Heaven. It’s a mission I haven’t wavered from, not even when the humans tore open the gates and unleashed Hell on earth. 

Now, I’ve never been closer to obtaining my goal yet I find myself risking it all because I cannot stay away from her, a human who may be the key to it all. 

***This Series will follow Kobal and River throughout. Not all things will be resolved in this book. Due to graphic language, violence and sexual content this book is recommended for readers 18+ years of age.***


Once again, this author has gone and created a world that I particularly cannot get enough of!  While demons are something new for her to write about, I feel like she did one heck of a job.  In a story that begins with the earth going into something of a man-made apocalypse, River's life forever changes as things become even harder for her while she tries to care for and provide food for her younger brother, and years later it's for her two little brothers along with her dead beat, useless mother.  River's mother dislikes her to an amount that makes me want to cringe inside.  Really.  None of the fathers of the three children ever stuck around long and it seems that River's father might have just been a drifter.  That is until she is forcibly taken away on volunteer day to work at the wall, where people go to train and fight what they think are other humans.  Boy are they dead wrong on that one.  When they get there, they get a rude awakening that what they are actually fighting are demons coming straight from Hell itself.  Man tore open a hole and now they are wreaking havoc.  Some of the demons want to restore order and get rid of Lucifer, so they are helping the humans.  The main one is Kobal.  He is in charge and looking for a specific person among the humans.  One who has special abilities like River.  While River was taken away forcibly from her family, she finds an ever-growing attraction between her and Kobal.  Things get a little steamy between the two of them when they aren't fighting each other, literally and figuratively.  Loved this read and definitely recommend it!  Can't wait to see more of this series!
5 out of 5 stars!



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