Thursday, June 30, 2016

Review for The Dragon Slayer by D.L. Colon

Glaycol Masters comes from a family of Hunters in the continent of Istagar. 

Glaycol knows everything there is to know about every mystical creature and how to kill them, except for the Dragons. No one has been ever been able to kill them. 
Glaycol still has to take his final test to become a Hunter worthy of bearing the name Masters, His weapon of preference; a great sword. 
For his final test Bonca, Glaycol’s father, sent him to hunt the Chimera of the Valley of the Blood and bring each of their heads back. Glaycol has now killed the Chimera and is returning the Forest of Darkness, where he lives with his family on top of a mountain that oversees the city. 
When he arrives his family is waiting for him, even his older brothers, who are also hunters, are there to celebrate the graduation of their brother. Once he presents the heads of the Chimera to his father, each of his family members gives him his gift. As they start they all give him a piece of armor until he has a full set of black armor. It is called, The Berserker. 
Their celebration is cut short when the leader of the Dragons, Hyglarur, attacks them by surprise; killing everyone except for Glaycol. His new armor absorbed the fire, but he didn’t came out unscratched. He lost his right eye. 
Glaycol, now driven by revenge and his family’s creed: Kill them all, has to find clues to where Hyglarur’s brother, Rotwar, is hiding. When he finds him Glaycol attacks, leaving him wounded and with a message for Hyglarur; Hyglarur, I am coming for you and your Dragon Empire. I now know that Dragons can be killed. 
Glaycol Masters was once known as the Berserker, but a new name has been given to him. The continent will forever know him as The Dragon Slayer. 
This is his Story. 

Glaycol Masters is a man on a mission. He hates all dragons after his parents were killed in front of him by one, losing one eye and gaining permanent scars as well on that fated day. But there is more to meet the eye than just a man that his scars inside and out. He is strong enough to kill a dragon and goes on a journey to take down one particular dragon, the one that killed his family. Along the way he gains a few tentative friendships from those also wishing to depose the dragons who are now in control. Personally I would like to see more of these lesser characters. They seem very intriguing and all have different backgrounds. The end left me with some questions and a little sadness. However, the author has created these dragons in a way that it's as if I can hear their booming voices as I read. I am hoping for more of this story! 
4 out of 5 stars!



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