Monday, March 21, 2016

Cover Reveal for House of Wax by Bree Pierce


Coming Soon:
House of Wax by Bree Pierce


Evil lies within the wax house. An evil with dark eyes and bloodlust like no other. Out for a taste of revenge, the vampire Maelstrom has risen once again and is taking out her anger on the small town where she was encased in wax along with her 12 chosen warriors over a hundred years before. 
Odin Blacksaint is just an ordinary man who doesn’t believe in myths and fables such as vampires. When people start going missing in town and he is requested to get out his great grandfather’s old journals by an elderly man in town, things begin to change. There are things about his own family that he didn’t know. A secret long buried that comes to light. Now he must face his destiny.

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