Saturday, February 6, 2016

Guest Post for Author Cora A Murray!

Cora A. Murray is a pen name I devised from the love of two great women, my mother and my sister, who may no longer be with us, but will forever reside in my head and heart. I am the mother of two adult sons and the grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren. I have been married for the past thirty-two years and have always been an avid reader. I decided to turn my love for reading into something more and with the support of my family and friends I started writing The Dark Alpha, The beginning of The Dark Brothers Trilogy. The trilogy is now finished and I have moved on to other books including more about Aiden and The Dark Brothers parents

The Dark Alpha

The Dark Omega
Only 99 cents

The Dark Delta
Only 99 cents

Surviving Earth: Makayla's Journey is now on Pre-Order

Cora's Stalker Links:

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