Monday, November 30, 2015

Review and Release Day for Soul Reapers by Shay West


Detectives Elliot “Eli” Robbins and Ava Aguilar are stumped by a series of seemingly unrelated kidnappings. Utilizing all possible resources, Eli and Ava struggle to find answers despite little physical evidence and few witnesses. When a strange piece of paper is found at one of the crime scenes, it sends Eli and Ava on a chase for a killer who isn’t what he seems.


I gotta say, anything involving children makes my heart accelerate ten times faster and anxiety of all sorts kick in.  And this is one of those books.  A thriller/suspense, if I have ever read one, Soul Reapers is a dark read that deals with Satanic rituals that involve murder and demon possession.  If you can't read this type of stuff, it's not the book for you.  But, if you're into crime novels and thrillers, you might want to check this one out!  At one point in time I read Dean Koontz and so I enjoyed reading this, but the ending was not what I expected it to be like for some in the book.  The two detectives in this book, Eli and Ava, I feel bad for.  Five years ago they had another paranormal case involving another world in the book Organ Reapers.  Well, now they are dealing with another and don't know it until closer to the end, but the similarities between the cases are forever in the back of their minds.  Not to mention, Eli's neighbor is having all kinds of trouble with sleeping and such since his wife passed.  Ava starts dating him which complicates things since Eli has always had a thing for her but they work together and it is forbidden.  But they find so little each time a child comes up missing that it is very frustrating for the two as they try to track down this person before someone else goes missing. (I would recommend reading Organ Reapers first before this book, but it is not necessary.)

5 out of 5 stars!

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