Friday, October 16, 2015

Release Day for The Black Rose Chronicles: Torment and Treachery by A.K. Michaels

I had the pleasure of reading an ARC of this book before it was released and it delivered!  You've got action to boot, a crazy and very evil super villain in Basilius, your knight-in-shining armor in Cassius, a god trying to keep balance between good and evil, and the ever-awesome Rose.  And we see a very caring side of Rose that is nice to see in a woman who can really kick some butt and utilize whatever necessary in dire situations.  But I have to say, the author outdid herself with Basilius.  He's downright mean and nasty.  King of Hell is an appropriate term for this guy. But I am still rather fond of the god, Kuan.  He is pretty awesome.

Cassius Allarde, probably the most powerful Vampire in existence, finds out how powerless he is when his newly found mate, Rose, is kidnapped. Out of all of Cassius’ vast capabilities inter-realm travelling isn’t one of them. His anger knows no bounds as he realizes the danger Rose is in, and the lengths they’ll have to go to if she has any chance at survival. 

Kuan, the mysterious man who purports to be a Chinese God, is the only person who can help them. Cassius assembles a rescue team and they head to the one place he never thought he’d venture: Hell. 

Will they reach Rose in time? If they do, will she still be in one piece? Read book 2 in The Black Rose Chronicles to find out. 


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