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REVIEW and BLOG TOUR for Bad Uncle (Family Portrait Book 5) by Gillian Felix

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 I have followed this whole series and I have to say that my perceptions about the characters has slightly changed each time I read one of them.  Mainly because just when you think you like one of them, bam!  Something happens that makes you go "Really??"  Same with this book too.  The series is kind of like a soap opera geared towards the 18-25 year old category.  It's not the typical Days of Our Lives either.  We are talking posh and spoiled rich kids trying to find their way in life.  But I have to admit, I am hooked on this series.  You can't help but wonder what is going to happen next in this drama-laden series.
   In the last book I felt a little sorry for Kristin because her dad was really pushing her in her tennis career and she doesn't seem to want to go that way and then things were just weird between her and Frankie even though she was with Zax Banovic.  In this book, she made some bad choices though that are going to eventually bite her in the butt I hope.  Throughout the whole series I have felt like Adriana Banovic was a spoiled girl who got her way no matter what she had to do, but since Haze came into her life she has been doing whatever necessary to keep him.  And now it seems that she has found just a few friends, no matter how bad of an influence one seems to be.  They are all just searching for love and acceptance in their own way I suppose.
   I still think that my favorite character is Kevin Banovic.  He is obviously such a bad guy in some ways.  He does some very bad things and he has yet to tell his girlfriend, L'Wren anything about what he does.  There are some serious under-the-table stuff going on with him.  At the same time, he doesn't like the life he's living and wants a normal life.  Too bad he's probably not going to get one.
   And to the last little juicy tidbit about the book, it's namesake of course.  Why Bad Uncle?  Because the worst of the bunch shows up and only one person in the entire family knows anything about what this uncle does for a living.  And he probably won't be explaining that to anyone because his need to protect everyone else.  The ending was a real surprise!


Who needs enemies when you’ve got family
The stars are aligned in Adriana’s favor, but secrets have a way of exposing themselves just when everything is perfect. As Adriana and Haze’s relationship heads south, Carys is ready to pounce. Will Adriana’s lies drive the man she loves into the arms of another?

Meanwhile Zax is finally with his dream girl, but why can’t he get his best friend’s
girl out of his mind? When she turns to him for advice on how to be a better girlfriend,
can he put his selfish desires aside, or will he follow his siblings and take what he
wants despite the consequences?

When Kevin’s lifestyle puts innocent L’Wren in danger, his retaliation brings his
ruthless uncle back to Los Angeles and into the lives of his family. In Bad Uncle you’ll
get to know the man who has the power to change the legacy of the Banovic family forever.

Suitable for adults 18+

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Author Bio:

Gillian Felix was born in Port of Spain, Trinidad. She grew up watching prime-time soap
operas by Aaron Spelling with her mother. That’s where her obsession with rich, powerful and devious characters were born. After repeatedly seeing Mr. Spelling’s name on the screen night after night, Gillian knew she wanted to be an Aaron Spelling, before she knew that Aaron Spelling was actually a person.

Gillian have been involved in the entertainment industry for over ten years. She is an entrepreneur and advocate for women and children’s rights. She enjoys hiking and volunteering.

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