Saturday, November 22, 2014

Into the Darkness (Darkness #1) by K.F. Breene

   Sasha has always been a little off kilter, you could say.  Strange things happen to her, like being the only survivor of a 5 car accident as a young child.  She remembers none of it but that night changed her life, landing her in foster care.  She occasionally sees things that others don't.  Sometimes these things are hiding out in the shadows, lurking there just waiting for unsuspecting victims.  While some would feel afraid of them, she's not, whatever they are.  And all too soon she and her boyfriend, Jared, have a run-in with these shadows.  Turns out they look like super huge guys with ripped bodies and bulging muscles.  The first encounter with these guys leaves Sasha fighting for her life while Jared is under some weird compulsion.  It doesn't seem to work on her though.  In the middle of it all, the Boss of these guys shows up and saves them.  He doesn't understand anything about Sasha.  She's very different and keeps landing on his front doorstep.  Instead of inspiring fear in her, she keeps looking for him.  The Boss and those that are like him are something like what we would think of as vampires.  And the Boss holds a certain interest in Sasha.  She is no doubt special.  She is able to access and use magic, even though she is a human and has never been trained before.  This is something he must look into further, while trying to keep himself away from.  But she just makes it so hard.

   This is a great, shorter read!  I loved it!  It was fun and entertaining, but sexy as well.  Into the Darkness has a fascinating story line about a girl who cannot feel close to anyone because that would be showing people who she really is.  People wouldn't accept her if they knew all of the things she saw and did.  They would have her locked up in a mental facility.  Even her own boyfriend doesn't know the extent of it for a good while, but realizes before the end of the book that she is nowhere near crazy.  It's not a life Sasha asked for, but it is a life that she could be herself and be more accepted even if those accepting her aren't exactly humans.  There are some complications that go along with being what she is though.  For one thing, she now has a body guard that not only wants to constantly put the moves on her, but is a chatty kathy.  He's the equivalent of a 16-year-old boy.  And then there's that weird connection she has with the Boss man.  It is most definitely reciprocated too.  And last, but definitely not least, there are those creepy nasty looking guys that keep trying to get Sasha to join their side.  Yep, just a little complicated.  The question is whether it's worth it for her?  She and Jared are constantly in danger.  Even the Boss has some scary moments, but this is acceptance of who she is.

5 star read!!

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