Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Code of Honor (Intrepid Heroines Book 1) by Andrea Pickens

Alex:  A young woman who is decidedly opinionated and not afraid to speak her mind.  She is not the normal female of her time and enjoys botany and painting.  At her age she is what they call "as good as on the shelf" since she is still unmarried and without prospects.  She comes from a poor family and is currently living with her aunt.

Justin:  He's Alex's younger brother that has his heart set on marrying a young girl who's father objects to it because of Justin's lack of title and fortune.  Because he is young. he still has much to learn and is in need of a good male role model.

Lord Branford:  A man that few would dare cross, rumors fly around wildly about his affairs and him even being involved in murder.  Even though he seems unapproachable by most, he still retains a very few close friends.  Everyone else he keeps at arms length.  Branford drinks too much and most of the rumors having to do with the women in town tend to be true.  He has been rather loose in the past.

Lord Ashton:  Lord Branford's best friend and confidant, he has no problem telling Branford how he feels about his activities lately.  Lord Ashton is married to a headstrong woman who is much like Alex in some ways.  

Lady Ashton:  An intelligent woman who is married to Lord Ashton and friend of Lord Branford, she dislikes the coquetry of some of the women in town.  She is anything but fickle and used to getting her way any way she has to.  Lady Ashton is very astute.

   Code of Honor is a shorter book and a very nice read.  It's sweet in the way of how two people so very unlikely to fall for each other fall very deeply in love.  They both think that much of the society around them is more involved in things like money and position whereas they both want something more.
    Lord Branford has definitely sowed his wild oats in other women's bedrooms, but never with the innocent ones.  It is against his code.  He can be a very honorable man and although he makes a bet to bed Alex, he quickly dismisses himself from it because he realizes she is an innocent.  Lord Hammerton was the one that put him up to it and told him that she was no innocent.  Once he meets Alex, he realizes just how intriguing she is.  Branford actually enjoys her company, which is a rare thing for him.  She makes him happy in a way that he hasn't been in a very long time.  Although Justin is a young and somewhat foolish young man, Branford tries to help steer him in the right direction.  He is so taken with Alex that he does the unthinkable and helps Justin as well.  It seems that the whole family is very interesting to him.  They aren't like the rest of the people in town who are always after something from him, and they don't hold the same presumptions about him.  After enduring the rumors that circulated about their father before and after he died, how could they possibly be so presumptuous to presume to know a stranger?  But Lord Branford becomes close to the family and begins to suspect some things are amiss and he starts investigating.  Alex and Justin are in danger and have no idea from who.  Hopefully Lord Branford can find out before it's too late and they succeed at their task: murder.

4 out of 5 stars!

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